Sprint Monitoring

The true power of data-driven sprints

Get a real-time, detailed image of your sprint progress, blockers, and bottlenecks to make informative decisions on time, and boost your delivery.

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GoRetro - Sprint MonitoringGoRetro - Sprint Monitoring
GoRetro - Sprint Monitoring - Real time view

Real-time view

Use comprehensive, detailed burndowns and work by priority charts, showing your progress against your commitments

GoRetro - Sprint Monitoring - Remove bottlenecks

Remove bottlenecks

Identify and handle bottlenecks on time using workflow and cycle time breakdown per issue.

GoRetro - Sprint Monitoring - Improve delivery

Improve delivery

Track your velocity over time, and identify gaps between estimates and actual work time to continuously improve.

Burndown as you've
never seen before

Know at every point in your sprint, what work is still undone and if it has been carried over from the previous sprint, unplanned or planned. Make actionable decisions during your daily standup by drilling down on each day or filtering by team members.

GoRetro Sprint Monitoring - Burndown
GoRetro Sprint Monitoring - Cycle time breakdown

Cycle time breakdown -outstanding insights in seconds

Get the real reasons for what’s holding you back. Get visibility into the workflow and see what part of the issue’s cycle takes too long, and learn from outliers. Scroll through the list to easily identify bottlenecks.

Don’t lose your focus -
see where your time goes

Follow your work by issue type during the sprint and confirm it matches your planning and expectations. Track the bugs added mid-sprint per priority to ensure your focus stays where it should and the team’s not distracted by low-priority unplanned bugs.

GoRetro Sprint Monitoring - Planning and expectations
GoRetro Sprint Monitoring - Data points

Slice and dice your sprint
to answer any questions

You’re one click away from answering any question that arises during the sprint or at the end, so you’re always in control. Were any high-priority issues left behind? Didn’t make enough progress with your carry-over work? Any outstanding deviations from estimations and actual cycle time. All the data points you need to excel and boost your delivery, in one place.

Track your velocity and
monitor your gaps

Check out your running average velocity, and how it is compared to your planning. Instantly see your velocity trend over time to make sure you’re improving and not over or under-committing on a regular basis, and maintain a predictable process.

GoRetro Sprint Monitoring - Track velocity
GoRetro Sprint Monitoring - Data driven insights

Data-driven insights -
straight to your retro board

To elevate your retro conversation and raise awareness of how your team can improve, invite our Joker to your meeting. Let the Joker ask the tough questions and stir the discussion so you can achieve your goals and boost your delivery.

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