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We’re a team at Acumen who were looking for a retro tool and ended up building one :)

We realized how helpful the sprint retrospective was for collaboration, improvement, planning, and growth, so we decided to share GoRetro with anyone, anywhere, and for Free.

So here it is.

GoRetro, an online retrospective tool for agile teams to create unlimited retro boards, share with their team members, and gain some insight into what worked, what hasn’t, what can be improved, as well as assign specific action items to individuals with due dates to make sure you work efficiently and keep making your internal development better and better.

We’re continuing to improve our retro tool by adding more features and integrations based on your requests and interests, while keeping everything free and accessible.

We would love to hear your thoughts, feedback, ideas, and requests to further make GoRetro the best retrospective tool available. Contact Us.

Yours truly,
The GoRetro Dev Team

getting started

What is the GoRetro online retrospective tool?

Agile and Scrum Developers unite, as we have an amazing and fun retrospective for you to easily get the development team collaborating and improving quickly and efficiently.  

GoRetro is an intuitive and productive retro tool to be used across your different development teams and various development projects (whether large or small) to get everyone on board to discuss what went well, what hasn't, and what is needed to improve. Of course,it may be adapted to reflect in other means, such as what hasn't worked well, why it hasn't, and what needs to be done to reduce mishaps in future sprints, whether it is delays, miscommunication, collaboration, and more.

With GoRetro, you have an unlimited online retrospective solution to be used from sprint to sprint (or in between if you find it helpful) which helps identify areas of concern or obstacles, realize potential delays or misunderstandings, and obtain a quicker view of your status and expectations from the next sprint.

In addition, GoRetro also includes actual action items to be assigned to individual developers or dev teams as a whole, so each may keep track of their tasks and needs for improvement, and the team leader or manager can get a high level view of the entire workflow process and status.

The result is easy-to-use and provides a summary of your development standing, notes for the team, points and actions to address, ideas and feedback to keep track of, and a clearer direction for development improvement. Of course, all boards and notes will always be available, so you can see how you've improved, where, and how. And you can export all such retro boards for development reports and for management or company-wide needs.

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