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GoRetro is a user-friendly, fun, and customizable agile retrospective tool that leverages sprint data and team sentiment to drive continuous improvement.

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GoRetro - Retrospective FeatureGoRetro - Retrospective Feature
GoRetro - Retrospective - Collaborate anyway

Collaborate anywhere

Easily share your boards with anyone, anywhere. Have full facilitation controls over feedback, voting, anonymity, and more

GoRetro - Retrospective - Increase engagement

Boost engagement

No more awkward silences. Engage your team remotely with polls, icebreakers, gifs, and games!

GoRetro - Retrospective - Track progress

Track progress

Create and track action items to ensure the meetings are effective and lead you to continuous improvement.

Find the
perfect template

Stick to the classics or find a new template to spark interest from the team or tackle a specific need. Sprint retrospective templates aren't the only ones you'll find! GoRetro offers templates to help you with post-mortems, sprint reviews, and more!

GoRetro Retrospective - Find the perfect template
GoRetro Retrospective - Collect feedback

Uncover your team’s sentiment
and get honest feedback

Check the team’s pulse with the happiness index or create a custom poll to get specific feedback on a burning topic. Tough crowd? Try an icebreaker for a smooth start. With GoRetro, you can say goodbye to awkward silences.

Control the flow
and allow anonymity

GoRetro allows maximum flexibility. Set your flow, the time allowed for feedback, the number of votes, and more. To control bias and increase participation, hide the cards and authors to ensure members can add their unbiased feedback and votes without being affected by other opinions

GoRetro Retrospective - Control the flow
GoRetro Retrospective - Action items

Create and track your
action items

A retrospective meeting without action items is like a ship without a rudder. Once you define your desired next steps following your discussion, create an action item and track it easily. Create a Jira task directly from the item or track the items from previous meetings via the action item panel.

Spread the word -
share your meeting recap

Generate and share your meeting recap to brag about your team’s achievements, increase their commitment, and drive participation. Get detailed info on the team’s participation, trends over time, and a summary of your action items. Export to PDF to share with your team or additional

GoRetro Retrospective - Meeting recap
GoRetro Retrospective - Data driven insights

Data-driven insights -
straight to your retro board

To elevate your retro conversation and raise awareness of how your team can improve, invite our Joker to your meeting. Let the Joker ask the tough questions and stir the discussion so you can achieve your goals and boost your delivery.

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