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GoRetro’s collaboration features make your retrospectives fun, engaging and productive. Collaboration is just the start. With GoRetro you can connect your Jira and take advantage of data-driven features that will help you focus on what matters, boost your performance and continuously improve.

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GoRetro - Features - Toolbox

Unlimited Boards

Take charge of your remote meetings with GoRetro’s real-time collaboration boards. Adapt your board to the needs of your project and team by adding columns, details, and colors. GoRetro keeps track of past, present and future meetings all in one place. See your past timeline and view exactly what notes and actions were generated.

Unlimited Teams

Invite unlimited developers, designers, managers, and team leaders to collaborate on the GoRetro boards!

GoRetro - Features - Card Options
GoRetro - Features - Templates


Use one of our 20 pre-built templates or just create your own. GoRetro's simple and flexible boards can be customized to fit your team's needs.You can customize your team’s retrospective from start to finish, so every meeting will be fun and engaging!


Cards are like sticky notes - use them to reflect, comment or turn them to an action item to be assigned to individual team members, along with due date and status.

Sorting & Filtering

Sort your cards quickly for easy viewing by date, vote count, text, and other filtering options.

Voting = Democracy

Give your team the power to vote on cards and drive the conversation based on the most pressing issues.

Drag, Drop, Merge, and Unmerge

Easily drag and drop cards to other columns, merge/unmerge similar ones together, or remove unnecessary items to keep your board efficient.

GoRetro - Features - Cards option
GoRetro - Features - Real Time Collaboration

Productive Real Time Collaboration

Whether it's seeing who's online or creating, updating, merging and voting on cards in real time, GoRetro empowers your team to work from wherever they are located: in the conference room next door or thousands of miles away.

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Facilitation Controls

Whatever your level of experience with Agile or your preferred style of facilitating, GoRetro provides a variety of useful settings to ensure a productive meeting, including toggles such as hiding cards, disabling voting, hiding the vote count, limiting the number of votes and more.

GoRetro - Features - Facilitation Controls
GoRetro - Features - Guest Users

Guest Users

Now you can have a productive meeting with people outside of your company. Invite teammates or guests (no sign-in required) to collaborate on your board. Done sharing? Just make the board private with a click.


GoRetro's state-of-the-art security is trusted by even the most security-conscious customers in the most highly regulated industries. We are SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001 CERTIFIED. From 3rd Party Pen Testing to vulnerability scanning, monitoring, intrusion detection systems, etc., our team uses industry best practices to ensure the security of our product and systems. We’re compliant with GDPR and privacy laws around the world, so you can rest assured that things are getting done the right way.

GoRetro - Features - Security
GoRetro - Features - Timers


Keep the conversation on track with the built-in timer. You can limit the duration of a discussion topic, or set a deadline to gather feedback over a few days or a Sprint.

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GoRetro - Features - Action Items

Action Items

Foster accountability by ending every meeting knowing who is doing what by when. Assign, organize, prioritize and track all your meeting action items in one place.

GoRetro - Features - Export


Export any board to PDF, CSV, and Clipboard for documentation, external use, reporting, or presentation.

GoRetro - Features - Happiness


Fact - happier teams yield better results. GoRetro collects the teams’ morale with a single click. Be a proactive leader and track how your team feels using powerful analytics.

GoRetro - Features - Support

You are not alone

Our support team's logged on and at your service. Have a question? We'll be there to answer it.

GoRetro - Features - SAML

SAML Single Sign-On

Make it easier for team members to sign up and give yourself more control over authentication.

GoRetro - Features - Analytics


Look back at previous retrospective meetings to see how team participation increased, happiness levels grew, and so much more.

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Sprint history

Analyze your Sprints to identify trends, track improvements and uncover stumbling blocks.

GoRetro - Features - Sprint History
GoRetro - Features - Joker Cards

Joker cards

Personalized retro cards based on YOUR Sprint data. Yeah, that’s insane! Spark a discussion automatically.

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40K+ companies worldwide trust GoRetro

It doesn’t matter if your teams are co-located, distributed, or completely remote - if you are a publicly-traded enterprise, bank, or a startup, GoRetro provides an engaging, intuitive experience for real-time collaboration and asynchronous teamwork on online retrospectives.

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