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Developers hate retrospectives. We know. We talked to hundreds of Scrum teams to find out why we (developers) see this meeting as a waste of time. Surprisingly, more than 90% of devs told us that they think good retrospectives are important; it's the bad retrospectives which are the problem.

We dove deeper and asked, why are you not participating?The recurring answer was because we talk about the same things, we don’t follow up on action items, we don’t improve, and the meeting is not effective.

So we took it upon ourselves to change these meetings. We want to make them efficient, effective, but just as importantly - fun. Developers who use GoRetro say it changed the way they look at retrospectives. We show you the data, we focus the team on what matters, we make you do your action items and we make sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes twice. Your time is important.

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Developers usually prefer to save time and make processes as seamless as possible. With GoRetro’s public boards, team members can anonymously (no sign-in required) add their thoughts before the retro begins.

GoRetro -  Frictionless retrospective board
GoRetro -  Gives the facilitator superpowers - retrospective board

Action items

With GoRetro, you get 💩 done. It's time to stop making the same mistakes over and over again. Action items will make your meetings effective.

Fun fun and FUN!

Retrospectives don't have to be boring! GoRetro makes every meeting a fun and engaging experience. With icebreakers, memes, diverse templates, emojis and even mood trackers, your retrospectives will be anything but boring.

GoRetro -  Gives the facilitator superpowers - retrospective board

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