Realtime Jira data to accelerate your sprint delivery

Maximize the value of GoRetro with Jira integration - Connect your Jira to gain immediate visibility into your sprints, identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks, confidently plan and commit, and seamlessly export your action items and planning poker estimations directly to Jira.

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GoRetro - Data DrivenGoRetro - Data Driven
GoRetro - Data Driven - Planning


Use your team’s historical data to know how much you can actually deliver and how much they carry over with them to the next sprint.

GoRetro - Data Driven - Sprint Monitoring

Sprint monitoring

Real time sprint data and progress, get clarity on what's happening, identify gaps in planning, and provide a full picture of what your team delivers.

GoRetro - Data Driven - Retrospective


Take your retrospectives to the next level with our Joker cards, add facts and tips to your retrospectives for continuous improvement.

One integration,
multiple superpowers

Streamline your workflow and save time with just one simple integration. one single integration in order to estimate better, plan realistic capacity, monitor your sprint progress and retrospect with actual sprint facts.

GoRetro Data Driven - One integration
GoRetro Data Driven - Optimize sprints

Optimize your

Use your real-time sprint data to plan better sprints and run better retros. Sprint monitoring will offer you clarity on what's happening, identify gaps in planning, and provide a full picture of what your team delivers. The capacity calculator will ensure that you plan sprints that better fit your team's velocity.

Streamline your

Say goodbye to manual updates and hello to streamlined workflows. Our jira integration allows you to effortlessly create Jira tickets from retro action items and seamlessly update your planning poker estimations directly to Jira issues, with no manual data entry required!

GoRetro Data Driven - Streamline your workflow
GoRetro Data Driven - Data driven insights

Unlock the power of personalized insights with
Joker cards!

Elevate your retrospectives and drive real results with Joker Cards – Personalized insights designed to boost participation, spark vibrant discussions, and improve your processes. Teams that use Joker Cards report increased focus on sprint goals, successful celebration of wins, and easy identification of obstacles and hidden areas to conquer.

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