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Nevo Alva
Nevo Alva
CEO, GoRetro
Posted on
Jul 3, 2022
Updated on
Jul 12, 2022
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When we created GoRetro, it was merely a side project that helped us facilitate retrospectives for our distributed team in the aftermath of the Covid pandemic. There was no way we could give up on retrospective meetings, as they were our mechanism for continuously improving our delivery and ensuring our talented team was motivated and heard.

Today, GoRetro is used by thousands of Scrum teams from Fortune 500 companies, banks, government agencies and innovative startups, to make their retrospectives fun, engaging and effective. 

We received great feedback and many requests from users looking to elevate their GoRetro experience.

Among the many benefits of the GoRetro premium plans are SSO, annual SOC 2 audit reports, priority support, dedicated customer success managers, and much more. Continuous improvement at an organization scale is at your fingertips.

Here are some questions and answers to help you understand how and why you should upgrade your account. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or if there is anything we haven't covered.

How do you keep my data secured and my CISO happy? 

At GoRetro, the security of your data is our top priority. We undergo regular penetration tests and meet the highest industry standards. GoRetro is ISO-certified, GDPR-compliant, and SOC 2 Type-2 certified. We have successfully met the security requirements of public companies in the healthcare and financial sectors.

For more information about GoRetro security, click here or download our security 1-pager.

How can we ensure that our retrospective is effective and meaningful for the business and the team? 

Our most frequently heard Scrum Master challenge is improving participation in meetings in order to make them more effective. 

The most effective way to start dealing with it is to include gamification in the meetings, such as ice breakers (including in zoom meetings) and other engaging activities we have on GoRetro.

The second ingredient is to show team members that the meeting is effective and not a waste of their (valuable) time. To do that you need to find ways to focus on what matters. This is why we added our data-driven insights to your retrospective meetings; we’re helping your team to focus on the most critical issues.

The last key factor is to get things done. How many times have you decided on action items in a meeting, only to have nothing happen with them? Our action items mechanism ensures nothing falls through the cracks.

How can I be more data-driven about our Sprint work and processes? 

You can supercharge your retros with your Sprint data and take your retrospectives to new heights.

Say goodbye to juggling countless spreadsheets and tabs. Use your real-time Sprint data to run better retros and improve your team’s performance

Use GoRetro’s Joker Cards, personalized retro cards based on your Sprint data, to spark a discussion about the most burning issues. 

Get clarity on what's happening, identify gaps in planning and see what your team really spends their time on. 

Analyze your Sprints to identify trends, track improvements and uncover stumbling blocks. Save time on technical preparation and focus on what's important: becoming even better.

Up next

The retrospective meeting is a hub for continuous improvement; it affects the planning and execution of the team. Our goal is to help you throughout the entire Agile process and make sure your planning and daily’s are effective and not a waste of your team’s time.

In the coming weeks you can expect several major improvements around action items management, analytics, and planning.

Action items are the most requested feature, so you're going to see them become much more accessible very soon, with a simplified and seamless mechanism. Together, we will make sure your meetings are effective and your action items are completed on time. 

By reviewing hundreds of thousands of retro meetings data, we found GOLD! You can get so many insights from your data, from checking your team's motivation and sentiment to identifying challenges in your process. Thanks to GoRetro's enhanced analytics, you'll be able to gain more from your retros. 

What’s a meeting without a summary? More than half of GoRetro users utilize the export feature. It's nice, but it just replicates what's on your board. It's time for you to get a deeper recap of your meetings, so you can proudly share it with your team and managers, and make the retro process much more effective.

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