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Scrum Masters

Retrospectives are critical to creating a better workplace. It’s a place to celebrate success and reflect on failures. Team members can discuss the course of improvements to be included in the next sprint. It is extremely important for a retrospective to encourage participation, sharing of interests and views, and to facilitate amicable solutions. However, like many other meetings, starting the (Agile) engine without an ignition isn't that straightforward. With GoRetro, you can streamline the retrospective meeting for your team while keeping track of your sprint goals, thanks to deep data integrations that will change your retrospectives from repetitive, dull, “must do” meetings into fun and engaging activities your team will look forward to.


Start a retrospective meeting faster than you can make a coffee. With seamless onboarding and an intuitive user interface, your team can get up and running quickly. Invite teammates or guests (no sign-in required) to collaborate on your board. Done sharing? Just make the board private with one click. Eliminate meeting barriers and focus on your retrospective.

GoRetro -  Frictionless retrospective board
GoRetro -  Gives the facilitator superpowers - retrospective board

Facilitation superpowers

Get equipped with a full-blown facilitation toolbox—everything you need to run effective Agile retrospective meetings and achieve maximum engagement and participation. GoRetro provides a variety of useful settings to ensure a productive meeting, from games and built-in icebreaker questions, to facilitation controls such as hiding cards, disabling voting, hiding the vote count, limiting the number of votes and more.

All the templates you've dreamed of and more!

Keeping your team engaged and happy is a key factor to having a successful retrospective. You probably already know that people get bored easily. The solution starts with your ability to diversify and grab your team’s attention, and you can do that by using over 30 retrospective templates—or just create your own. GoRetro's simple and flexible retro boards can be tailored to fit your team's needs. You can customize your team’s retrospective from start to finish, so every meeting will be new, fun and engaging!

GoRetro -  Gives the facilitator superpowers - retrospective board
GoRetro -  Gives the facilitator superpowers - retrospective board

Continuous improvement

Reduce your signal-to-noise ratio—use GoRetro's sprint monitoring, Joker cards, sentiment analysis and more to focus on what matters and IMPROVE. Ever feel like you’re not focusing on what really matters? Awkward silence during your retros? Our Joker cards can turn any meeting into an efficient, effective and engaging event.

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