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Engineering Leaders

Managers may not be part of retrospective meetings every other week, but they know how critical it is to use Agile best practices. Agile requires empowered, self-organizing teams that are able to suggest experiments and take responsibility for their own problems through effective retrospectives.

A formal, regular communication outlet allows teams to discuss what's working well and what isn’t. This has been shown to increase team satisfaction, engagement, and creativity. GoRetro lets managers stay on top of what's working for their teams and what isn’t without getting in the way. Keeping your teams healthy, happy, and productive is easier than ever with GoRetro.

Stay in sync with analytics

Look back at previous retrospective meetings to track your team’s motivation, identify recurring issues at a group level, gain visibility into the meetings’ sentiment and subjects, and see participation and engagement trends.

GoRetro -  Frictionless retrospective board
GoRetro -  Gives the facilitator superpowers - retrospective board

Inspiring meeting accountability

Track Action Items with ease and increase your team's productivity. See action items history across Sprints and learn what’s been completed and what’s left to be done. Foster accountability by ending every meeting knowing who is doing what and by when. Assign, organize, prioritize and track all your meeting action items in one place.

Bump up the energy

Our deep Jira integration helps your team to focus on what matters most. Using data to improve the retrospective meeting’s effectiveness was shown to improve participation by an average of 80%. Save time on juggling spreadsheets and endless preparations and reports and focus on what's important: getting better.

GoRetro -  Gives the facilitator superpowers - retrospective board

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