Meet GoRetro!

Run team retrospectives easily, quickly, and absolutely FREE

GoRetro is an agile sprint retrospective tool making the entire retro process seamless, simple, fun, colorful, productive, and unlimited.

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Meet Goretro!

Run Team Retrospectives Easily, Quickly, and Absolutely FREE

GoRetro is an agile sprint retrospective tool making the entire retro process seamless, simple, fun, colorful, productive, and unlimited.

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sprint retrospective?

What is a sprint retrospective?

Retrospectives, sometimes known as agile retrospectives, scrum retrospectives, sprint retrospectives, and more, are opportunities for development teams of any size to reflect on their process and sprints in order to improve from one cycle or project to the next one.  

It is a simple methodology allowing teams to collaborate, discuss, and look back at their recent sprint in an easy and fun way to learn:

What has worked well this past sprint?
What hasn't worked well in the most recent sprint?
What actions and directions should be taken in order to improve?

The scrum retrospective reflection sessions within a professional retro tool provide a much clearer view, as well as make it much easier, quicker, more efficient, and fun to engage your entire team to contribute for improvement, both as an individual developer and as a team.

But running efficient retrospectives doesn't only help the team improve performance, it also improves team communication, engagement, and even provides an amazing opportunity to break the monotonous routine for a few minutes and connect with teammates. A united team is the key to a healthy team, which brings about team success. Remember: Together Everyone Achieves More.

GoRetro makes the entire retrospective process seamless, simple, fun, colorful, productive, and absolutely FREE with its online retrospective offering with no limitation, and it’s free to use again and again, no matter your team size or number of different boards/projects you need.  

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What do users say about our retro tool?

GoRetro FTW! What an easy way to run retrospectives with the team
Tom Siegel
We use GoRetro's retro tool across different dev projects and teams, and everyone seems to be engaged.
Bill Stevens
go daddy
I couldn’t believe how quick and easy it was to start running retrospectives until I used GoRetro.
Cristina Gonzales
Talking about retrospectives made easy, let alone improving our dev workflow.
Katie Michaels
GoRetro free retrospective tool, in one word ‘WOW’!
David Ortiz
You can run but you cannot hide from the benefits of a sprint retrospective, and with GoRetro… you have no excuses
Ben Craig
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getting started

How to get started with GoRetro?

Simply register with GoRetro for free, follow the steps and instructions, start creating unlimited boards, share with unlimited team members, and get your development workflow improving right away.

Oh, and just another reminder...GoRetro is completely FREE, so there's no risk.

Let's GoRetro :)

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The benefits of using our retro boards

GoRetro makes it easy, fun, and productive to run development sprint retrospectives in a collaborative team environment.

We focused on making GoRetro simple to use while making your process productive, so the goal of development improvement is within reach.

Furthermore, we understand different developers, managers, and team leaders may be used to different retrospectives or have slightly different targets, so GoRetro is customizable, configurable, and is a very agile retro tool for you to use. Within a very short time, you and your dev team should see the value, thanks to the retro features included:

All of your retrospective boards are always available (past, present, and future planned), neatly organized for your use with quick filters for easy access in our visual dashboard

The power to create unlimited boards using our retro board templates (10 available) or customize your own

Retro boards have the option to be assigned as public or private boards.

Ability to join, collaborate, and improve with unlimited team members invited to any retro boards you've created

All boards include the option to add comments to any individual card within the board,where you can choose to show, hide, or even provide a voting option for the team

Sort your retro boards and individual cards in a snap by date, name, votes, and more.

Assign specific action items to members with due dates and reminders to make sure things get done after the retrospective is complete

Adding, editing, and moving cards is made super easy with a simple drag-and-drop interface, helping you order, re-prioritize, merge, or edit cards.

Use your cards and retro boards externally for reports, presentations, and more with the capability to export to PDF, CSV, or a simple copy/paste in Slack.

Add automatic reminders to individual development team sprint board members to add comments and feedback prior to the retrospective for even greater efficiency

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tips and tricks

Would you like to make your sprint retrospectives even better?

While the sprint retrospective methodology is used worldwide, there are many different ways to execute it to get the most out of it for your particular need or team

GoRetro provides both pre-made templates and an ability to customize, but we've got a lot of feedback and ideas and are happy to share them with our users and visitors, so they can get even better when running retros

Sign up for our retrospective tips and tricks newsletter, and we will keep you updated on additional ways to make your retros the go-to tool to help you make development sprints better.

Run team retrospectives easily, quickly, and absolutely FREE

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