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Agile Coaches

It's no small feat to transform an entire organization, particularly if you don't know how the team is going to respond to the changes. You know better than anyone else that coaching is first and foremost about listening and gathering information so you can get the full picture before you provide any kind of help and empowerment to your team. We are here to help with that.

With GoRetro, you have access to sentiment reports, team motivation analysis and deeper data-driven insights based on your project management data, allowing you to tailor your coaching to the team's needs.

Data-Driven Agile Transformation

Agile Coaches can monitor retrospective analytics and get a comprehensive picture of sentiment, patterns, and obstacles within their organizations.

GoRetro -  Frictionless retrospective board
GoRetro -  Gives the facilitator superpowers - retrospective board

Efficient Retrospective Meetings

With GoRetro, you can have a fun and impactful retrospective meeting. Focus on better employee engagement, greater appreciation, transparent communication, and empowering employees. To achieve this, we include icebreaker mini games, frictionless collaboration features, and data-driven features that spark discussions and action items.

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