Aug 1, 2022

August 2022

Action Items ⚡

Continuous improvement starts by choosing the most pressing action items and tracking their execution and impact. We are excited to ship our brand new action items️.

They got a new look, a nice dedicated spot on the board, and action items from previous retrospectives are now also available on your current board!

GoRetro Action Items

To add an action item simply click on the ⚡ icon on the relevant card.
When starting your next retro, no need to add an "action item" column! Open the action items drawer, review action items from previous retros, and add new ones as required. Read more here.

Jul 25, 2022

July 2022

Sprint Monitor Updates

Analyze your Sprints to identify trends, track improvements and uncover stumbling blocks. Save time on technical preparation and focus on what's critical - getting better. With the latest update to the sprint monitor you can learn which bugs were added mid-sprint. You can also analyze "done tasks by type" and have a more focused discussion with your teammates.

GoRetro - Sprint monitor - track tasks by type and levels

Bugs, bugs, bugs

  • 🐛 Scrolling the page while dragging a card should not take us to "another dimension" and just work as expected.
  • 🪲 Users should see their votes, even if votes are hidden.
  • 🐞 Dragging cards while sorting by votes will work now.

Jun 30, 2022

June 2022

Facilitated Icebreakers

Get your team talking with an icebreaker question. Try a randomly selected question at the start of the meeting. Create a positive atmosphere for your team and build psychological safety. Click the ❄️ in the board to give it a spin.

GoRetro - ice breaker question generator

Sharing Boards

Sharing is caring, and now it's even easier to bring colleagues on board. From the board, click on "Share Board" and start collaborating.

GoRetro - Sharing option

Jira Cycle Time

Cycle time refers to the time elapsed between the moment a task is started, and its conclusion. It is a measure of how long it takes from when work starts on an item (story, task, bug, etc.) until it is delivered. Cycle time indicates how long (in calendar time) it takes to complete a task.

Now you can get a full breakdown cycle time per status and task in the sprint. This can give you a better indication of what you spend the majority of your time on. Is it coding or review time? Maybe you need to allocate more resources for the review or refresh the priorities?

GoRetro - Cycle time

May 31, 2022

May 2022

Sprint Monitor release!

Supercharge your retro with our JIRA integration. Say goodbye to juggling countless spreadsheets and tabs. Use your real-time Sprint data to run better retros and improve your team’s performance. 

GoRetro - Sprint monitor burndown

Get clarity on what's happening, identify gaps in planning and see what your team really spends their time on. 

GoRetro - Sprint monitor sprint task with cycle time breakdown

Analyze your Sprints to identify trends, track improvements and uncover stumbling blocks. Save time on technical preparation and focus on what's important - getting better.

Join our live webinar to learn more about it!

Analytics page refresh

This analytics page has been updated with a modern design and enriched with more information, such as average happiness score and number of voters.

Apr 28, 2022

April 2022

Overall board design changes 

Now you can read, comment, and vote on your favorite cards more easily than ever before. 

goretro retrospective board

Cards can be merged and unmerged

Do you have duplicate cards? That's fine. It's just a matter of dragging and dropping.

Feeling regretful? We've got you covered! Simply click the new "Unmerge" button to go back in time

goretro retrospective board unmerge card button

Sort and filter the action item table

Sort and filter the table by clicking on the column name. You can now select only those items that are in progress, done, or filter them by team and board.

Bug fixes (we also have them)

  • Fixed invitation by email link when the email address contains special characters
  • Editing cards with special characters has been improved
  • Clicking outside now saves the card. Yeah, that makes more sense!

Mar 14, 2022

March 2022

Easier to add cards:

  • Submit a card or a comment by pressing “Enter” on your keyboard. Break a line with Shift+Enter. No need to move your cursor anymore!

Happiness index:

  • Our new and improved Happiness index now includes a 1-5 scale.


  • Quickly get to our Help center by clicking your name, then choosing “Help center”.
  • Fixed an issue with exporting boards on Safari broswer.
Feb 3, 2022

February 2022

GoRetro redesign:

  • We decided it’s time for a facelift, so we’re happy to launch GoRetro’s redesign!

New chat support:

  • We upgraded our chat to provide the best efficient support for you. Try it out and reach out to us at any time with questions and feedback. Our replies will appear both in-app and will also be sent to your email for your convenience.

Action items page:

  • Added the card title to the action items table
May 8, 2021

May 2021

Board view:

  • Added an option to filter the cards by team member
  • New and improved export to PDF format which now includes all comments, votes and action items.
  • Following several users' requests - improved the cards drag and drop feature - it is now less sensitive and the drag option is not available while editing a card.
  • Added an option to drag and change the columns order
  • Change view permissions of happiness index to Admins - now admins can view team’s happiness index

Action items view:

  • Action items of archived boards are now available and active (unlike before)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with special characters representation
  • Fixed a participant filtering issue - when a team member adds a card while the board is filtered, the filter will apply on the new comment
  • Several UI fixes

Feb 28, 2021

February 2021

Board view:

  • Added an option to see which team members are online - look for the green outline and full opacity of the team member’s icon.
  • Added an option to add a description to action items - as you change a card to action item, you now have the ability to add a specific description to describe the action required
Add a description to an action item

Action items page:

  • Added an option to edit the action items description in Actions page
Action items description edit

Bug fixes:

  • Restricted the ability to copy-paste of a “hidden text” when you try to hide the cards’ content
  • Fixed an issue with the team member filtering, now when you add a new comment of a filtered user the cad will not appear until the filter is removed
  • Fixed several UI and spacing issues

Dec 31, 2020

December 2020

Board view:

  • Added an option to filter the board by team member.
Filter board by user
  • Added a numeric indication to the Happiness Index feature (for board owners).
Happiness index indication

Action items page:

  • Added filters by Team and by action item Status
Filter action items
  • Added an option to trash old/not relevant/done action items
Trash action items

Bug fixes

  • Changed the opacity of the edit card button so it won’t hide the text
  • Fixed the “hide voting” feature to hide all voting indications
  • Fixed the long boards descriptions issue of lines not breaking
  • Fixed icon and username alignments
  • Fixed several typos in the tool
Nov 30, 2020

November 2020

Public boards

  • Added the ability to view a shared public board also without having a user in GoRetro


  • Added new board templates

Bug fixes

  • Fixed session error
  • Fixed UI problem with long cards
  • Fixed “Feedback request from team” feature
  • Fixed export to CSV issue 

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