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Mar 29, 2022
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May 23, 2022
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Trying to come up with a scrum team name? In this article you will find some good examples of Scrum names that will inspire you to come up with your own. We have also categorized the names according to type, such as funny team names, good names, etc., to help you choose. We will also share a new tool at the end of this article that can point you in the right direction for finding a new name that is completely unique and created by you! Let's start with how to choose a good Scrum team name.

Selecting a scrum team name as a group

Is there a formula for selecting the best team name?

According to our research, the best Scrum team names have the following characteristics:

  • Memorable: Choose a name that is easy to pronounce and will stand out in the mind of the recipient. 
  • Pronounceable: The name should be easy to read and pronounce.
  • Uniqueness: A unique name adds a sense of belonging to the project.
  • Meaningful: Studies have shown that meaningful names are easier to remember.
  • Simplicity: The easier the name, the more likely it is to stay with your Scrum team for longer.

The best Scrum team names are easier to write, read, share and remember. 

In addition to the characteristics above, we found out that good agile team names can be divided into the following categories:

  1. Funny
  2. Awesome/Cool
  3. Adorable
  4. Captivating
  5. Special

You should be aware of these categories and decide whether the chosen name fits the spirit you want to introduce into the team.

How to brainstorm a good agile team name

Brainstorm Team Name Suggestions From Cards

Step 1 - Share the blueprint

When starting out, give your team a general idea of the kind of names they should come up with. Tell each person to provide up to 5-7 unique names based on the criteria that you selected.

Discuss the characteristics and categories of good team names (as outlined in the previous section). As a team, have an open discussion about which criteria you are more connected to.

Step 2 - Find word association with popular things

One of the most common practices is to associate team names with certain values and characteristics. For example, sports names could include wolves, dolphins, and knights. It might also be helpful to visualize the project goals, and get inspiration from different teams within the organization. Anything that will help you find a certain value that the team connects to.

Step 3 - Use an adjective, noun and a random word

A popular strategy is to mix a few words (an adjective, a noun, and a random word) to come up with a single one-word name. Just make sure it conveys the purpose of your scrum or agile team.

Step 4 - Use a team name generator

If you have a difficult time figuring out all this, you can just visit GoRetro’s team name generator and find some good team names in a matter of seconds.

Step 5 - Collect and vote

Once you have enough unique names, you should put each name to vote and try to match them to any of the above criteria (Memorable, Pronounceable, Uniqueness, Meaningful, Simplicity).

Ensure that the team name is acceptable by all members.

200+ Scrum team names for inspiration

Interested in getting some inspiration? Let's look at some team names.

Team Pointing On Screen For Best Options

Funny scrum team names

  1. Unicorn Makers
  2. Ctrl+Alt+C
  3. Tabs vs Spaces
  4. To The Moon
  5. Walking on Scrumshine
  6. Scrumbody That I Used To Know
  7. Scrum At Me Bro
  8. Win Direction
  9. Man of Stealth
  10. Scrum Kind of Wonderful
  11. Someone Else Broke it
  12. Buggy Bears
  13. It wasn't me
  14. Honorable Monkeys
  15. Titan Of Titans
  16. Easy Scrum Easy Go
  17. BoolMeOvers
  18. Sweet Scrumshine
  19. The Modern Samurai
  20. The End Game
  21. Tango with Death
  22. Mud Runs
  23. Share Holders
  24. Scrum of the Earth
  25. Eye For an Eye
  26. Grimmy and Scrummy
  27. The Beanie Bed
  28. Supremacy Addicts
  29. Keep Done
  30. printF Lords
  31. GoRetro Go
  32. Start Gamers
  33. Epic Winners
  34. Scrumbledore’s Army
  35. Don’t let the Scrum Go Down On Me
  36. X-Women
  37. Flower Bloomers
  38. Block and Save
  39. Johnny Scrum Lately
  40. Here comes the Scrum Little Darling
  41. Drop all Shots
  42. Scrum and Scrummer
  43. Skull Crashers
  44. Win and Booze
  45. Anaconda
  46. Zulu November
  47. Refined Olive
  48. Jimma Mortars
  49. Scrumdog Millionaires
  50. Your time is gonna Scrum
  51. Developers
  52. Flow Fillers
  53. Pace Makers
  54. Scrum On Eileen
  55. ScrumDay, ScrumHow
  56. Falvia Rosers
  57. Scrum Like It Hot
  58. Scrumshine of your Love
  59. The King of the Pitch
  60. Scrumbledores
  61. Perfect Hoopers
  62. The Real Deal
  63. The Iterations
  64. Coverage Drop and Rolls
  65. The MisSprints
  66. Shrewd
  67. Sprint Wireless
  68. Nuns for Runs
  69. Scrum and Coke
  70. Blocked Out
  71. Show Downers
  72. Point Theft
  73. Scrumglasses at Night
  74. Terrific Task Makers
  75. Scrum On Hear the Noise
  76. Bald Eagle
  77. Basket Tossers
  78. Sporty Machines
  79. Black Holed Scrum
  80. Doves of War
  81. Pipe Groomers
  82. Shinobi’s of Salen
  83. Race to Victory!
  84. Easy like ScrumDay Morning
  85. Sprint Chocolate Chip
  86. Power Of Horse
  87. Bullshit Squad
  88. Vision Less People
  89. Soaking Tickets
  90. Scrum As You Are
  91. Don’t Scrum Around Here No More
  92. Structured
  93. Pour Scrum Sugar On Me
  94. Air Conditionals
  95. Chafed and Tired
  96. Lord of Set Runners
  97. Strings
  98. ReSprint
  99. The House of the Rising Scrum
  100. Wood Cutters
  101. Dogs and Cats

Cool scrum team names

  1. Let Them Loose
  2. The Ringleaders
  3. Perceptive
  4. Everest
  5. Titans
  6. Velocity
  7. Unlimited
  8. Alpha
  9. Hive
  10. Optimizers
  11. Solvers
  12. Assemblage
  13. Extraordinary
  14. Refined
  15. Maximizers
  16. Strategists
  17. Elite
  18. Vigilantes
  19. Fast Talkers
  20. Skilled Fighters
  21. Brogrammers
  22. Kingpins
  23. One
  24. Undefined
  25. Drive Me Sane
  26. Diplomats
  27. Essentials
  28. Incisive
  29. Accomplished
  30. Player Machines
  31. Adroit
  32. Fixers
  33. Forecasters
  34. Sapient
  35. Perspicacious
  36. Scrum Lords
  37. No Chance
  38. Power Brokers
  39. Advanced
  40. Scrummin’ It
  41. Double Vision
  42. Priority
  43. The Teddy Bears
  44. Enlivened
  45. Advocates
  46. Keen
  47. Bluesprint
  48. United
  49. Your Bosses
  50. Ingenious
  51. Sustainable
  52. Troupe
  53. Trigger Happy
  54. Handsome Buzzers
  55. Intuition
  56. Preeminent
  57. Knights
  58. Code Bros
  59. Empowered
  60. Masterful
  61. Sporty Machos
  62. Alliance
  63. Inventive

Cute scrum team names

  1. Jira Ninjas
  2. Cows Of Stone
  3. Dev Of The Moon
  4. Algorithm Unlock
  5. Obnoxious Pips
  6. Two Weeks’ Notice
  7. Doves Of The Epic
  8. Option Holders
  9. Race to Unicorn!
  10. Skull Crushers
  11. Mind Optimizers
  12. Easy Brats
  13. Glueware Gremlins

Best scrum team names

  1. The Estimators
  2. Misfit PRs
  3. Guardians of the sprint
  4. Iteration Station
  5. Fighting Chickens
  6. Pace Makers
  7. Massive Titans
  8. Trailblazers
  9. The Closers
  10. Epic Win
  11. The Jira Squad
  12. Victorious Secret
  13. Dev Of The Forsaken

Unique team names

  1. Jump Then Fall
  2. The A Squad
  3. Pixie’s Teacup
  4. Gone with the Win
  5. Undefeatable
  6. The Outliers
  7. The Giants
  8. The Red Bull
  9. Pringle Festival
  10. Unstoppables
  11. Raging Army Heads
  12. Random Access Memory
  13. The Death Squad
  14. Was Hero’s Army
  15. Goofing out
  16. Goofed up Dumplings
  17. Strong and Agile
  18. The Brainy Bunch
  19. Riding the Victory Train
  20. The Red HULK
  21. The Power of the Noob
  22. The Sunrise
  23. Thunder Storm
  24. Vulcanites
  25. Cyborg Army
  26. Charged Up
  27. Last one Standing
  28. Pillaging Pirates
  29. Rocket
  30. Masters of Scrum
  31. Boston Flaming Goes
  32. Leaders Of The Future
  33. Like Hamburgers
  34. Honorable Ducks
  35. Swinging Supermen
  36. Iconic Crew
  37. Team Awesome
  38. Calm and Sprint On
  39. Keep Scrum
  40. The Brave Schemers
  41. The Forfeiters
  42. The Sprinters
  43. Wishing Juniors

One word scrum team names

  1. Prodigies
  2. Experts
  3. Tycoons
  4. Optimizers
  5. Wizards
  6. Qualifiers
  7. Minions
  8. Wizards
  9. Sunshines
  10. Ducks
  11. Legends
  12. Bytes
  13. Diplomats
  14. Elite
  15. Enigma
  16. Knights
  17. Titans
  18. Trailblazers
  19. Tribe
  20. Lions

Use a team name generator

There is no requirement for Scrum teams to have a team name, but giving your team a name is a great way to bind your project together right from the start. As a team, you will have a lot of fun brainstorming, and if your team members have never worked together before, they will get to know each other before the project begins.

If you are having a hard time figuring all of this out, you can use our brand new Scrum team name generator and get some good Scrum team names in no time.

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