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Realistic sprint capacity planning, made easy.

Commit to a sprint you can stand behind and reach your business goals consistently by taking into account your team's actual availability and capacity based on real historical data, the calendar, carry-over work, and more

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GoRetro - Capacity CalculatorGoRetro - Capacity Calculator
GoRetro - Planning Poker - Improve Accuracy

Improve accuracy

Not every team member is the same, just like not every sprint is the same. Use historical data to discover the real average capacity of each team member.

GoRetro - Planning Poker - Create alignment

Boost confidence

Planning realistic sprints leads to improved predictability that creates trust between the team and the different stakeholders.

GoRetro - Planning Poker - Increase engagement

Drop your spreadsheets

Take into account multiple parameters affecting your capacity in no time, without complex formulas and juggling multiple spreadsheets

People are unique -
and so is their capacity

Whether you have a mix of seniors and juniors, members that are a shared resource or contribute to your team part-time, or working from different time zones, each member has their own available capacity. Easily discover the available capacity per member each sprint.

GoRetro Capacity Calculator - People are unique
GoRetro Capacity Calculator - Tackle every roadblock

Tackle every sprint’s

Holidays? Sharing resources with other teams? Carryover is larger than usual this sprint? Each sprint needs to be treated differently, but it shouldn’t mean you need to work harder. Our capacity calculator helps you gather all that in no time.

Real-time data
straight from the source

Connect to Jira to fetch the average capacity per member and updated carryover in one click to understand the available capacity of each member. Automatically get holidays per time zone without checking multiple calendars when selecting sprint dates.

GoRetro Capacity Calculator - Real time data
GoRetro Capacity Calculator - capacity breakdown

Visibility to your
capacity breakdown

The capacity breakdown will help you uncover what are your time management enemies preventing you from delivering more. Share with your stakeholders and define what actions should be taken to optimize your team’s time and set expectations you can confidently commit to.  

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