GoRetro is fully packed with retrospective features and uses for you and your team:


Create teams and add/invite unlimited developers, managers, and team leaders to collaborate on the GoRetro boards


Create unlimited retro boards with your dev team using our 10 preconfigured templates or customize your own

Board Privacy

Make a board public or private with specific teammates

Board Customization

Customize your board to your project and team's need by name, details, additional columns, color scheme,
and more

Card Type

Allow comments or turn them into specific action items to be assigned to an individual developer, along with due date and status

Board Organization and View

An easy-to-read dashboard displays all your past, present, and upcoming boards neatly organized

Easy Sorting and Filtering

Sort your cards quickly for easy view by date, vote count, text, and more filtering options


Allow or remove commenting function on specific cards


As ideas arise during the retrospectives, grant the ability for members to vote and make their voices heard

Drag & Drop

Easily drag and drop cards to other columns, merge, or remove to keep your board efficient


Export any board to PDF, CSV, and Clipboard for external use, reporting, or presentation

Action items

View all your action items on one page, manage and control due dates, and track status before and between the retro meetings

Run team retrospectives easily, quickly, and absolutely FREE

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