Add GoRetro to allowed apps

GoRetro is an HTML5 web application that works in your browser. Occasionally GoRetro functions may have trouble performing when GoRetro is not allowed access. This can happen due to issues or limitations applied to your network connection or the environment that you use. If you are having trouble connecting to GoRetro see the steps below for potential solutions.


The GoRetro application - specifically the board page - requires WebSocket connections. If you're having issues opening your boards but the dashboard and the team pages open as expected this might mean that your connection does not support WebSockets.

How do I test my connection?

There are 2 ways to test your connection.

  1. Open your browser's developer console. If you are using Chrome, right-click and choose inspect. The developer console will show up, then choose the console tab. If the WebSockets are blocked, this error will appear in your console: "Error during WebSocket handshake".
  2. Open this website, if the Websockets are identified, you'll see the message in the image below. If the result is different, it's most likely that there's something in your network that blocks WebSocket connections.

If the tests indicate your network blocks the Websockets, try the following:

If the Websockets are identified correctly but there are still issues establishing the connection, please contact GoRetro Support.

What should I do next?

Please reach out to your company's IT team with the details below 👇

If you use a Firewall

  1. Please allowlist our domains and subdomains:, *
  2. You will need to add our static IP addresses to the allowlist as well. :

If you use a proxy

Please ensure that you provide GoRetro with a by-pass. The following specifications will help.