Creating & Managing Retrospective Cards

To gather your team's feedback about the past sprint, encourage them to create cards in the retrospective board. You can then order the cards by your priority, sort them and even merge duplicated cards.

Creating, Editing, and Tagging Cards

Add a card to your board

  1. Select your board by clicking on it in the "Dashboard" tab
  2. Select "+ Add Card" in the desired column
  3. Type the card description in the text box
  4. Click save and your card will be added to the chosen column

Note: To show or hide the author of the card, take a look at the facilitating controls .

Edit card name

  1. Hover over the card heading and select the pencil icon
  2. Edit the name in the text box
  3. Select "Save" and the card name will be updated

Adding a tag

  1. Select the 🏷  icon on the right of your card
  2. Type in the tag name
  3. Click enter to create a new tag, or select an existing tag from the list.

Delete a card

  1. Hover over the top of your card and select the pencil icon.
  2. Select "Delete"
  3. Confirm by clicking on "Yes, delete it!"

Merging Two Cards

Merge two cards

Save time and increase retrospective efficiency by merging cards that discuss the same topic. Merging will keep both cards' original content.

  1. Click and drag the card on top of to the card you would like to merge with.
  2. Confirm by clicking on "Yes, merge it!"  

P.S If you made a mistake or change your mind don’t worry you can always unmerge 🤓

Ordering and Sorting Cards

Order your cards

Set up the flow of your retrospective by ordering your cards according to factors of your choice. For example, sort by priority level, topics, and more.

To order your cards, click and drag the card to the desired position and drop it into the dotted line.

Move a card to a different column

Click and drag the card heading to the desired column.