Creating Retrospective Boards

To get started with your retrospective meeting, create your GoRetro online board. GoRetro offers 2 types of boards: team boards and public boards.

Board Types

Creating a new board in GoRetro

Adding a kudos column

Board options: clone, move, lock, share

Board Types

Team boards

Team boards are the recommended and most common board type used. Once you have set up your team, all team boards will appear under the team's section in the "Dashboard" tab and you won’t have to share each individual board.

Team boards are only accessible to members of the specific team. You will still be able to share a board's link, however, logging in will be required in order to view and participate.

Public boards

Public boards are accessible to anyone who has a link to them, without signing up or logging in to GoRetro. Guests using the board without signing up will be able to fully participate in the board activities including creating cards, vote, comment and more.

Note: Items created by a guest will remain anonymous (without the author's name).

When should I use public boards?

Creating a new board in GoRetro

  1. In the navigation panel choose the relevant team or choose “Public boards” if you want to create a public board
  2. Click on "Create new" or directly on “Retrospective”
  3. Add a suitable title in the "Board name" field
  4. Choose the max votes allowed per user
  5. Select a retrospective column template out of the list, you can define your own columns by choosing one of the "Custom columns" options.
  6. Select "Add kudos column" to add a dedicated kudos column (Try adding a card here, it's more than just a column named "Kudos" 😉)
  7. Choose your boards' preferences (i.e "Hide cards initially", "Disable votes" etc)
  8. Click on "Create"

Now that you have a board setup - make sure you share it with your team!

Note: After creating a board out of a template, you can still rename the columns, delete them or add your own columns.

Kudos Column

Giving recognition to colleagues for their contribution and showing appreciation is fundamental to establishing team trust. A culture of trust in turn leads to collaboration and is a good ground for giving fair criticism to a coworker.

When creating a new board, click on the "Add kudos column" checkbox.

The board will be created with a "Kudos" column. Any card created in this column will have a happy clapping animation on it 👏

Board Options

Click on the three dots on the right of your board's header to see your four board options - Clone, Move, Lock, and Delete.

Clone a board with or without the cards in it, this can help you if you're using your own template or if you want to use the same cards in your next meeting.

Move a board when you would like to add it to a team or move it to a different team.

Note: You cannot move a team board to be a public board after its creation.

Lock a board when you would like to view the board but prevent anyone from adding to or editing the board.

P.S. Remember to click “Show locked” on your dashboard to find your locked boards.