Essentials for being laser-focused ⚡️

In this article you'll discover 6 simple ways that you can use GoRetro to stay laser focused and create the most value out of your next retro.

  1. Limit votes
  2. Timer
  3. Merge/Unmerge
  4. Tags
  5. Show top voted cards
  6. Create action items

1. Limit votes

When creating your retro board, limiting the number of votes that everyone receives will make sure that people only vote on what really matters.

Note:💡 You can also adjust the max number of votes after your board in your board settings.

2. Timer

Optimize your meeting time by breaking up your retrospective into different stages and using the timer to keep track of where you should be.

Once the board owner starts the timer, all participants will be able to see the countdown.

3. Merge/Unmerge

Save time and increase retrospective efficiency by merging cards that discuss the same topic. Merging will keep both cards' original content.

  1. Click and drag the card on top of to the card you would like to merge with.
  2. Confirm by clicking on "Yes, merge it!"

If you made a mistake or change your mind don’t worry you can always unmerge 🤓

4. Tags

Organize your team's feedback and keep track of recurring themes.

  1. Select the 🏷  icon on the right of your card
  2. Type in the tag name
  3. Click enter to create a new tag, or select an existing tag.

💡 Once you've added a tag it will be saved automatically so that you can easily use it again.

Pro Tip 🚀 Use your board's search tool to quickly find all the cards with a specific tag.

5. Show top-voted cards

Once your team has voted, head to your board settings where you can choose to only show the top 5 voted cards.

This will ensure that you’re talking about the things that matter and that your team cares about.

6. Create Action Items

One of the retrospective's goals is to create and commit to a list of action items that will promise the team's continued improvement. Create your action items from your cards and follow up on them to ensure they are handled.


To create an action item, click the lightning icon on a card, and then in your action items panel you’ll be able to add your description, assign it to a specific member, and set a due date.