Essentials to get your team talking 💬

In this article you'll discover 4 simple ways that you can use GoRetro to easily get your team talking.

  1. Hide card author
  2. Hide cards
  3. Hide votes
  4. Icebreakers

1. Hide Card Author

When creating your board you'll find the option to "Show card's author". Keep this option unselected to hide the card's author and make people feel more comfortable adding their feedback anonymously.

Pro Tips 🚀

Remember to remind your team that their contributions will remain anonymous to the rest of the team.

Once your board is created, you can still change this setting :

2. Hide Cards

By choosing to hide cards, each team member will only be able to view the cards he created. Other participants' cards text will be blurred out.

3. Hide Votes

Choose "Hide votes" to prevent members from seeing how many votes a card has, members will still be able to place their own votes

4. Icebreakers 💎

Starting your retro with an icebreaker can help set a positive tone that will allow your team to focus and feel comfortable sharing.

  1. Select your board by clicking on it in the "Dashboard" tab
  2. Click on the ❄️ icon on the right
  3. Let the team answer the question that appears or click "pick another question".