GoRetro's Premium Subscription

If you are ready to run more engaging and impactful retrospectives, then GoRetro's Premium subscription is just what you need.

With our Premium subscription, you'll be able to run data-driven retrospectives that lead to better results. If you're looking to run better sprints from planning to retrospective consider looking at our Sprint Pro subscription.

Read on to learn the advantages or click on any of the following features to dive in specifically:

Main features of GoRetro Premium:

Teams allow you to create retro boards that will only be accessible to a certain team and its members. In the free plan, you can create 1 team, with GoRetro Premium you can create as many teams as you need.

Note: The charge for Premium is based on the number of teams you have.

Public boards allow you to run retro meetings that are accessible to anyone who has a link to them without having to sign up. In the free plan, you can only create up to 5 public boards, with GoRetro Premium you can create unlimited Public boards.

Note: The charge for Premium is based on the number of teams you have. If you don't use team and you only use Public boards, you'll be charged as if you are using 1 premium team.

When running retro meetings it's important to review your open action items to make sure you are taking action on the discussions from previous meetings. With GoRetro Premium it's easier than ever to see your open action items from across all your retro boards. Either use the side drawer in the retro board, or the Action items tab. These features are only available with a Premium subscription. Learn more about action items.

Export a recap of your meeting to share with leadership or for documentation. Once you're done with the meeting, click on the "Meeting recap" icon on the right to view a summary of the meeting's analytics, a visualization of the action items and retro feedback, team participation, and an overview of the sprint. Learn more about meeting recap.

Monitor how your retrospectives are going with our Analytics page. Participation, number of cards, and happiness score over time are some of the tools that can help you show that your team is running better retros and overall are happier working together. Learn more about analytics.

Connect your Jira cloud to monitor your current sprint and see a status report of your previous sprints. Use this to make your retros data-driven and to actually keep track of how your team is improving. Learn more about the Sprint Monitoring here.

💡Are you using Kanban boards or Jira Server? Contact us over chat for more info!

Let our Joker do the work for you! Using your Sprint monitoring data our Joker will create AI-generated retro cards for your retrospective meetings. Enrich your meetings with valuable data and never run another empty retro meeting again! Chat with us to learn more.

Export your retro boards for safekeeping, documentation, or to share with stakeholders. You can use either PDF, CSV, or PNG export.

Get your team into the groove of the retrospective with our Ice breakers. Randomly draw a question to get everyone talking and in the mood to share. Learn more about Ice breakers.

Each participant can express how they feel about the sprint. Encourage your team to choose one of the 5 options to get a clear picture of your team's overall feel of the sprint. Each member will only be able to view his own happiness choice, the board owner will be able to view the sum of all votes. Learn more about the Happiness Index.

Gather your team's feedback by using Polls in your retro meeting. With GoRetro, you can create polls in a matter of seconds and participants can vote to express their opinion. Learn more about polls.