Happiness Index 💎

GoRetro collects the teams’ morale with a single click. Be a proactive leader, check and track how your team feels using GoRetro's analytics.

Team Happiness Index

  1. Select your board by clicking on it in the "Dashboard" tab
  2. Click on the 😀 icon on the right
  3. Choose your mood!

Each participant can anonymously express how they feel about the sprint. Encourage your team to choose one of the 5 options to get a clear picture of your team's overall feel of the sprint.  

Each member will only be able to view his own happiness choice.

The board owner will be able to view the sum of all votes.

Pro Tip 🚀 Let your team know that their selection is anonymous 🤐

Analytics Page

Head to your analytics page to see the average happiness score of each retro. Here you can get a real sense of how your team is feeling and track improvement.