Tasks breakdown

The tasks breakdown shows an overview of all the tasks in this sprint. Use this to see where each task started and ended, and what was the actual time each task was "in progress".

You can sort and filter each column to easily navigate through your task list.

Each issue shows the following data:


Indicates whether the issue was originally part of the sprint or not. Unplanned will indicate an issue was added to the iteration after it has started including the grace period.

Story points/estimated time/sub-tasks

In case the sprint monitoring is configured to be calculated by story points of time estimate, it will show the relevant SP amount or time estimate.

In case this field is configured as “none” (no estimates):

Actual cycle time

Shows the time an issue has spent in the “in-progress” cycle, usually from status “selected for development” to “done” (statuses may change according to the company workflow).

State Progress Bar

Shows a complete breakdown of each task's cycle time. Use this to get a clear picture of your actual cycle time and understand each stage of your development cycle.


Sprint task views is a quick and simple way to look at the issues in the sprint, divided into groups which can help the team instantly understand what happened during the sprint:

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