Using a meeting board to run different meetings

No matter what your goal is, you can use GoRetro’s meeting board to retrospect, brainstorm, post-mortem, or plan in advance to make sure you achieve it!

In your dashboard choose “More templates” to access templates for:

All these templates are available both for team boards and public boards.

To learn more about our templates click here.

Creating a new board in GoRetro

  1. In the navigation panel choose the relevant team or choose “Public boards” if you want to create a public board.
  2. Click on "Create new" or directly on “More templates”.
  3. Add a name to your meeting in the "Board name" field
  4. Select the date that the meeting will take place on.
  5. Select a meeting template out of the list.
  6. Select "Add kudos column" to add a dedicated kudos column (Try adding a card here, it's more than just a column named "Kudos" 😉)
  7. If you want to enable voting on the board, check the "Allow Voting" box. Then choose how many votes each member should get, between 3 to 10.
  8. Customize your board settings:
  9. Hide Cards: Each team member will only be able to view the cards he created. This can help the team be non-biased to others’ ideas.
  10. Hide Comments: Hide comments made by members.
  11. Hide Vote Count: Team members can vote, but they can't see how many others voted for the same card.
  12. Hide Card Author: Make the meeting anonymous. No one will see who wrote which card.
  13. Click on "Create".

Now that you have a board setup - make sure you share it with your team!

Note: After creating a board out of a template, you can still rename the columns, delete them or add your own columns.