How-To Videos

This series of short videos will guide you in the process of signing up to GoRetro and starting to use it to improve your retrospective meetings.
The guide includes:

Retrospective Team

How to create a team on GoRetro platform
How to rename a team
How to invite teammates
How to assign an admin
How to cancel a team invite
How to deleted an invite link
How to delete a team member
How to delete a team

Retrospective Boards

How to create a retrospective board on GoRetro and their specific
Retrospective board creation options
How to access a retro board
How to add a retro board description
How to clone a board
How to archive a board
How to unarchive a board
How to delete a board (including while woking on it)

Board Columns

How to create a column
How to rename a column
How to change a column color
How to delete a column


How to set a timer
how to stop the timer

Retro Board Cards

How to add a card into your retrospective board
How to rename a card
How to vote on a card
How to display the top 5 voted cards
How to display card author
How to sort cards
How to filter cards
How to delete a card
How to delete all cards


How to change the number of votes
how to hide vote count
How to delete votes
How to disable voting
How to reset votes


How to add comments to cards
How to display comments
How to hide comments
How to delete comments

Action Items

How to create an action item
How to edit action items
How to assign action items
How to change the status of an action item
How to change the due date of an action item
How to show completed action items
How to sort action items


How to use the happiness index
How to request feedback
How to access the analytics tab
How to use the real time tab

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