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What is a Scrum Master?

In an organization, a Scrum Master is the person responsible for ensuring projects run smoothly and efficiently so that teams can focus on completing their work. 

What Does a Scrum Master Do?

Scrum masters have a lot of responsibilities, some of which require them to:

  • Make sure that daily standups are happening effectively.
  • Help their team reflect on how their work is going so they can make changes to improve.
  • Ensure that the scrum board is up to date and that other administrative tools are working well.
  • Help the scrum team to avoid over-committing and assist them in planning effective sprints.
  • Prevent or remove blockers that are in the way of team members to ensure they can accomplish their work without distractions.

A scrum master’s day consists of running interference for the team, solving any problems that are preventing them from achieving their goals, and working to remove roadblocks. They must also ensure everyone on the team has all the materials they need to do their work without interruption or distraction.

Why Is a Scrum Master Important?

A scrum master is important because their work is critical to the success of a project. They ensure that individual contributors on a team can focus on achieving their goals and do not have any obstacles in their way, such as a lack of materials or outside interruptions from non-team members.

Without someone dedicated to making sure everyone can be successful, it’s easy for a project to go off track or progress too slowly. This can lead to missed deadlines, unhappy customers, and other issues that negatively impact the success of an organization.

The Scrum Master role is known by several different names, but they all share the same core responsibility: they must ensure projects are completed to the best of the team’s abilities, on time, and to a high standard. This is the scrum master’s primary job, and it makes them an invaluable part of any Agile team or organization.

How Can GoRetro Help Your Scrum Master?

GoRetro is an agile retrospective tool that makes it easy for teams to succeed in their projects by providing a platform that gives them the support they need.

GoRetro can help a Scrum Master by allowing them to facilitate productive retrospective meetings, which are an integral part of being successful in any Agile project.

Moreover, GoRetro catalogs the feedback they receive from the development team, which helps them identify problems and roadblocks before they become more significant issues. This can help them plan a more effective next sprint for their team, one which equips the organization to achieve its goals and fulfill its mission.


A scrum master is a critical part of any Agile project and team. They make sure that each member can focus on their role without being distracted by outside factors, ensuring the success of every individual contributor within an organization and therefore the organization as a whole.

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