+30 Agile Memes to help you through a difficult "Transformation"

Itamar Mula
Itamar Mula
Co-Founder, Acumen
Posted on
Apr 8, 2022
Updated on
Apr 3, 2023
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The Agile transition is challenging, especially since workers can be notoriously resistant to change. A study by the American Psychological Association found that change at work was associated with higher levels of stress, distrust, and turnover. In a Deloitte study, between 60–70% of major change efforts fail because team members resent the idea of making a big change. 

Memes can also be used as an effective icebreaker – the "meme of the sprint", if you will.

Each team member contributes a meme summarizing how the Sprint went. It’s a fun icebreaker that gets everyone thinking; it doesn’t necessarily need to be retrospective/Agile related, just a meme that made you laugh recently.

So, if you're wondering how to help your team embrace Agile values with open arms, Agile memes are a great place to start with a laugh.

Update: We have just released a new agile meme maker tool that will help you create your own memes.

Start vs. Finish

Start of the sprint vs. the end of the sprint agile meme

Estimates are not deadlines

Guy holding cardboard meme

Team work

Agile team work meme

Thanos was right?

Thanos doing agile meme

Dev Team + QA = ❤️

bike fail meme dev team and qa

Change my mind

Story points do measure time meme

Back in the old days

running a retrospective on Jira agile meme

Backlog grooming 101

backlog grooming agile meme

500 days of backlog

it is in the backlog agile meme

Before and after agile transformation

Before and after agile transformation

We all love it

forced to use jira agile meme


json agile meme

Ban the Kanban

kanban agile meme

More Devs

Sugar preaching for more development

Hard knock life

retrospective agile meme

Sprint planning vs. Sprint review

sprint planning vs. sprint review agile meme

Retrospective north of the wall

retrospective is coming agile meme

Action items

action items agile meme

Don't forget to update the task status

Don't forget to update the task status meme

Daily standup love

daily standup agile meme

Accurate estimates

Accurate estimates meme

Retro time

retro time agile meme

Standup time

Start of project vs. end of project

start of the project vs. the end of the project agile meme

You should take it offline

daily standup agile meme

Scrum Master life

scrum master with the team vs. scrum master with the executives agile meme

The truth is out there

increase our productivity agile meme

Retrospective meeting workout meme

retrospective meeting before and after meme

Waiting for the next standup

Waiting for the next standup meme

Tech debt vs. new feature

tech debt vs. agile meme

Jira related memes

We couldn't end this list without sharing a few Jira related memes. It is not necessary to be an Atlassian expert to relate.

No tasks assigned in JIRA

No tasks assigned in JIRA meme

JIRA outage

The right JIRA status

The right JIRA status

Yoda the scrum master

Yoda the scrum master meme

Darth Vadar the project owner

Darth Vadar the project owner meme

Do not reassign this JIRA issue

reassign this JIRA issue meme

Is COVID-19 a JIRA ticket?

Is COVID-19 a JIRA ticket meme

Final Thoughts

Using agile related memes during a retrospective meeting can be a great way to lighten the mood and relieve tension in the room. It can also help team members to bond and collaborate better during the meeting. GoRetro is an excellent tool that can significantly enhance the efficiency of sprint retrospectives by simplifying and streamlining the entire process.

By providing a collaborative platform for teams to work on multiple projects using various boards, GoRetro can make scrum meetings more productive and collaborative. Creating boards is easy with this tool, and teams can quickly add comments, sort and filter cards and comments to facilitate team discussions.

Additionally, GoRetro includes a voting mechanism that helps with decision making and identifying action items. With all these features, GoRetro is an ideal solution for teams looking to make their retrospective meetings more effective and efficient.

For More Fun

> Read our article about sprint names or check out our new tool for generating fun sprint names
> Choose the best / cool / most funny / whatever-you-can-think-of team name
> Break the ice on your next team meeting using our icebreaker questions generator

About the author

Itamar Mula
Co-Founder, Acumen

I’m an entrepreneur with a passion for agile practices and continuous learning. As co-founder of Acumen and former co-founder and VP R&D of Nextpeer (acquired by Rakuten), I have extensive experience in building and leading successful companies. I’m excited to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the tech industry and driving innovation through experimentation and collaboration with my team.

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