Role of Testers in Agile?

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August 22, 2022
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The role of a tester in agile is to find out the weak points of a project, so that it is not released with vulnerabilities.

  1. Testers should prepare their test plans/cases as well as automated tests for the user stories before they are implemented. The team will be able to see any confusion or lack of consistency within the chosen user stories and will have time to amend them before any code is even written
  2. Testers also might have an involvement in unit testing. To save resources (mainly time), testers should only test code that passes all of the automated unit, integration and acceptance tests. Although the testers could be writing automated acceptance tests, unit tests should be written by the developers because they can write the tests in parallel to writing the code
  3. A tester's workload will depend on how heavy the sprint is; however, regression tests still need to be run on these changes.

Although testers often have their workload high as a project matures and increases in size, these tips can also be internalized by testers working in the earlier stage of projects too.

Testers might take the first portion of each sprint testing the tasks from the previous sprint. However, keeping them on the present task at hand and developing the test plans for the development team can also be effective.

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