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What is Scrum Epic?

In the Scrum framework, an epic is a large, ambitious project that can be divided into several stories: small, specific, and measurable tasks completed in a single sprint. 

An epic can be distributed to different sprints and across different teams, allowing for a greater degree of flexibility and collaboration. The goal of an epic is to ensure big projects are manageable and can be completed in a series of sprints.

Epics are typically created as part of the product visioning process, to help prioritize and organize work tasks. They can be broken down into smaller stories for development, or used to plan future work.

Why is Scrum Epic Important?

Epics are a crucial part of the successful implementation of Scrum. It allows for greater flexibility and helps keep track of larger, more complex projects.

Epics are helpful in staying organized and handling work that is too big for a single sprint. It helps teams break down their work into manageable chunks that can be completed within a sprint, while still delivering value to their customers. They also help ensure that stakeholders understand the project’s vision and objectives. 

In addition, epics help the team stay focused on the work that needs to be done and prevent them from becoming overwhelmed. Being overwhelmed leads to frustration and can ultimately demotivate the team.

How Can GoRetro Help Your Team With Scrum Epic? 

Epics can be intimidating if you're unsure how to tackle them, but GoRetro can make it easy. GoRetro is an easy-to-use, visual retrospective tool that can help your team with Scrum Epic by allowing you to capture and share your team's progress with simple or complex projects. This helps you spot opportunities for improvement and celebrate your successes. 

With GoRetro, you can quickly and easily create a timeline of your team's progress. This timeline makes it easy to see how your team is doing on their epic and where they need to focus their efforts. You can also use GoRetro to track your team's velocity and see how it changes over time. 

In addition, handling epics with GoRetro can help improve communication within your team. The tool allows collaboration between team members by joining boards, posting comments, and voting on ideas, so everyone can see what's been done and where they need to focus their efforts.

With GoRetro as your Scrum Epic tool, you can easily create and manage your epics while keeping your team organized and focused on your organization’s goals. Overall, this can result in consistently successful projects and better business outcomes.

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Final Thoughts

Epics are a powerful way to manage and track large, complex projects. By using epics, you can break your projects down into manageable chunks that can be tracked and completed individually. This allows you to keep your project on track while still leaving room for flexibility to change.

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