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What is Scrum Scale?

The Scrum Scale framework was developed as a collaboration between Scrum Inc. and Scrum Alliance by the co-creator of Scrum and co-author of the Agile Manifesto, Dr. Jeff Sutherland. In a nutshell, it is based on the fundamentals of Scrum, elevated to the enterprise level. 

The framework is an extension of the traditional Scrum framework that enables the scaling of Agile development practices across large, distributed teams. This happens by creating teams of teams and further networks of teams. The critical components of the framework are scaled roles, events, artifacts, and rules

Why is Scrum Scale Important?

The Scrum Scale is essential because it allows for the efficient and effective scaling of the Scrum team and projects, while preserving the principles and practices that make Scrum successful. It allows organizations to take full advantage of the benefits of Scrum, including increased transparency, improved communication, and more efficient execution. 

It also helps resolve key challenges that organizations face through effectively prioritizing and managing work, maintaining velocity as the team grows, delivering quality software within a specific period, and increasing the agility of the business

The Scrum Scale also allows for the use of a Scrum of Scrums to manage multiple product development initiatives. It also enables large, complex projects to be managed through self-organizing teams and helps organizations respond quickly and effectively to changes in their business environment.

Without the Scrum Scale, teams would be working in silos and would not be able to share information or collaborate effectively.

How Can GoRetro Help Your Team With Scrum Scale? 

Having the perfect tool can make all the difference when it comes to Scrum Scale. With GoRetro, large organizations can easily add unlimited developers, managers, and leaders across networks of teams to make use of its retrospective features.

GoRetro can help with scrum scaling through sprint planning, daily standups, creating and managing tasks, tracking progress, and reporting on results, among the many other features it offers. This online tool allows you to manage your team’s work on a Kanban board and make the most of Scrum with its ability to create sprints.

With GoRetro, you can also use burndown and burnup charts to track the progress of your sprints over time. This information is helpful in determining whether you are making adequate progress and whether your team is on track to meet its goals.

Moreover, scaling Agile initiatives with GoRetro can help you identify and address potential problems early, preventing them from becoming more significant issues down the line.

Final Thoughts

The Scrum Scale enables organizations to adopt and scale Scrum with a set of proven practices specifically for large networks of teams. In addition, the framework helps organizations identify and then address the unique complexities of their organizations. 

Though the Scrum Scale framework may not be a one-size-fits-all solution, it has been successful in helping many organizations increase their business agility. 

With GoRetro as your tool, your organization can successfully adopt and scale Scrum. Start your journey today with the Scrum Scale framework by registering for free with GoRetro!

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