How To Introduce Scrum To A New Team

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February 19, 2023
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Introducing Scrum: Understanding The Basics

Before introducing Scrum to your team, it's essential to understand the basics of Scrum.

Scrum is an Agile methodology, and it emphasizes collaboration, flexibility, reducing waste, and creating value for customers. In Scrum, projects are broken down into smaller chunks called sprints, and each sprint lasts for two to four weeks. At the end of each sprint, the team delivers a potentially shippable product increment. Scrum emphasizes on daily stand-up meetings, sprint reviews, and retrospectives to ensure continuous improvement.

Identifying The Need For Scrum

Before introducing Scrum to your team, it's essential to identify the need for Scrum. If your team is working on a project that involves a lot of uncertainty, complexity, or changing requirements, then Scrum can be beneficial. Scrum can also be useful if you are working on a project that requires collaboration and communication between team members. By introducing Scrum, you can improve team productivity, reduce development time, and deliver a high-quality product.

Before you introduce Scrum to your team, here are some things you can do:

1. Educate Your Team

The first step is to educate your team about Scrum. It's essential to make them understand the benefits of Scrum and how it can help them in their project. You need to explain the key concepts of Scrum, such as sprints, daily stand-ups, retrospectives, and product backlogs as well as the roles of the Scrum team, the Scrum Master, and the product owner. You can conduct a Scrum workshop or training session for your team to familiarize them with the Scrum framework. You can also provide them with Scrum resources such as books, videos, and blogs to help them understand Scrum better.

2. Explain Why You Are Adopting Scrum

The second thing you need to do is to explain why you are adopting Scrum. You should communicate the benefits of Scrum to your team. Scrum can help your team to work more effectively by breaking down work into manageable pieces, increasing transparency, and promoting teamwork. You should also explain how Scrum fits into the broader context of your organization's strategy.

3. Explain How Scrum Will Change the Way You Work

The third thing you need to do is to explain how Scrum will change the way you work. Scrum is a different way of working than traditional project management. You need to explain how Scrum will affect your team's daily activities, such as stand-up meetings, sprint planning, and retrospectives. You should also explain how Scrum will affect your team's mindset, such as the importance of collaboration and continuous improvement.

4. Establish Clear Expectations

The fourth thing you need to do is to establish clear expectations. You should explain what you expect from your team in terms of Scrum adoption. You should also explain what your team can expect from you as the Scrum Master or project manager. You should set clear goals for your team and establish metrics for measuring success.

5. Provide Training and Support

The fifth thing you need to do is to provide training and support. Scrum is a new way of working for many teams. You need to provide training and support to ensure that your team can adopt Scrum successfully. You should provide training on Scrum concepts and practices, as well as on the tools and technologies that your team will be using. You should also provide ongoing support to help your team overcome any challenges they may encounter.


It can take a while for a team to grasp the concept of Scrum. But with these pointers, you will set the grounds for your team to work and help their adoption of Scrum.

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