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What is Kanban?

Kanban is a technique used to manage workflows and ensure they are smooth and efficient. 

Originating in Japan, it was used to improve manufacturing processes. The word "Kanban" in Japanese means "signal board," as it involves using a board with cards or other visual aids to indicate the status of work items.

This method is mainly prominent in industries that cater to manufacturing and production. However, several Kanban tools have been designed to aid in managing projects in the software industry. 

Why is Kanban important?

Kanban offers a wide range of benefits to many industries worldwide, such as:

  • Making the entire manufacturing or development process transparent, from start to finish.
  • Enhancing communication and collaboration among team members.
  • Helping in the identification and elimination of wasteful parts of the process.
  • Decreasing lead times and increasing delivery speed.

You may utilize Kanban in your business by designing a board that depicts the many stages of your development process. This will help you and your team visualize how work flows through your organization and identify any bottlenecks or waste areas.

Kanban may also be used to manage activities and projects by creating cards for each task and then moving them across different columns when the task is done. This can benefit you and your team by keeping track of progress and ensuring that all jobs are done on schedule.

For example, if you're in software develpoment, you can create a board that displays the different stages of development, such as design, coding, testing, and release.

How can GoRetro help your team with Kanban?

GoRetro is a retrospective tool used by Agile teams to help them visualize their workflow and identify areas for improvement. Kanban is a great way to get started with Agile because it is simple to understand and relatively lightweight. In addition, it can be implemented with little or no training, which is an important consideration, especially for small businesses.

Kanban has four basic rules that govern how it works:

1. Visualize your workflow by designing a board that depicts the steps in your process and how each one is linked to the next.

2. Reduce your work in progress to ensure that each phase of the process is finished before moving on to the next. This keeps duties from building up and becoming too much to handle.

3. Manage your flow by using Kanban tools that can track the amount of work in progress and ensure that it does not exceed the limit you've established.

4. Use data from the Kanban board to entail continuous improvement and discover areas where your process may be improved.

GoRetro helps with Kanban by allowing you to create customizable boards and cards with an unlimited number of collaborators. You can also use the free tool to manage your flows and track work in progress. With GoRetro, teams can visualize processes easily and adhere to the rules of Kanban.


Kanban can be used in a wide range of industries to manage everything from simple tasks to complex projects. By using Kanban, you can improve communication and collaboration within your team, reduce lead times and delivery speed, and identify and eliminate waste in your production process.

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