The Amazing Trading Card Icebreaker Warmup

Ruth Hadari
Ruth Hadari
Agile Advocate, Engineering Ops Expert
Posted on
Feb 3, 2023
Updated on
Feb 3, 2023
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What is the Trading Card Icebreaker Activity?

The Trading Card Icebreaker is a fun activity that allows teams to get to know one another better. It's almost the same as asking funny “would you rather” questions, but with a twist.

It's an easy way to break the ice and start conversations between team members while also learning more about each other's skills, interests, and backgrounds.

Your teammates can write down anything, from their favorite TV show to their superpower. And they can ask fun icebreaker questions while they’re at it. 

Why do groups love the Trading Card Icebreaker Activity?

The Trading Card Icebreaker is a great way to warm up your team and get everyone talking. It's fun, easy to do, and allows people to show off their personalities. Plus, it's a great way for teams to learn more about each other in an informal setting.

It’s also very customizable—the cards can be tailored based on your group’s needs. For example, you could focus on learning more about each person’s background or skillset by asking them “get to know you” icebreaker questions such as “What is one thing you wish people knew about you?” or “What are some of the skills that you bring to the team?”

The Trading Card Icebreaker is also a great way for remote teams to get to know each other better. Since it doesn't require any special equipment or materials, it can easily be done over video conference calls. All each person needs is their own personal trading card and a willingness to share. 

How to facilitate the Trading Card Icebreaker Activity

Get started by gathering your supplies. You’ll need three things: markers/pens, flashcards or something to write/draw on, and a list of icebreaker questions you want each person to answer. Then, give everyone some time to create their own trading card.

Give your group at least 10 minutes to write down or draw their answers on the cards. Include information such as:

1. Name

2. Hobbies

3. Interests 

4. Goals 

5. Skills 

6. Unique facts about themselves 

7. Any other fun information they want to share!

Collect all the cards and redistribute them back to the group so that everyone has someone else’s card. Then, each person should take turns reading out the card they received, asking the owner follow-up questions about the information on it, and sharing any thoughts or personal connections that come to mind.

Once everyone has shared their cards, you can facilitate a discussion about what was on the trading cards or any stories that were shared. This will help your group gain more insights into one another’s backgrounds, skillsets, and interests!

Final Thoughts: How can GoRetro help?

The Trading Card Icebreaker is a great activity for teams to get to know each other better. It's fun, easy to do, allows people to show off their personalities in a relaxed settings and boosts your team’s collaboration. Plus, it's customizable depending on your team’s needs and can easily be done over video conference calls. 

You can do this during your retrospective meetings to help your team bond and get to know each other better. GoRetro provides a platform for teams to have virtual retro meetings, so why not add the Trading Card Icebreaker activity into the mix? It will definitely make things more fun and engaging for everyone.

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Ruth Hadari
Agile Advocate, Engineering Ops Expert

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