How to solve Scrum Burndown issues?

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August 22, 2022
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Here’s what you can do to solve problems relating to Burndown:

1) It’s always a good idea to split items into smaller tasks. This is achieved by looking at the technical task as a whole, and breaking it into more detailed individual tasks. If you can, it’s recommended to consult with the Product Owner to see if you can refine the story instead. This is usually more advantageous because it avoids the team having to juggle priorities and estimation without the Product Owner understanding what’s being brought up.

2) Working with shorter iterations is also a good way to solve problems around Burndown. If you currently work in monthly iterations, bring it down to 2 weeks. If you work with fortnightly iterations then bring it down to 1 week iterations.

The benefits of moving to shorter iterations are:

  • It limits story size which motivates the Product Owner to work on smaller stories which means it’s more likely to be estimated accurately.
  • The feedback loop between iterations takes less time, which means you now get more feedback in the same time. It will also be clearer to see if there are any links between your predictions for the Sprint and what really unfolded.
  • It gives you more practice for starting Sprints, meaning you learn and improve more with shorter iterations

3) Utilize Daily stand-ups and other Scrum meetings to look for connections between performance, success and failure. Are team members not understanding the Product Owner? Did you get surprised with unplanned work? Working with shorter iterations allows you to more easily spot these casualties because you’ll take part in Daily’s and Retrospectives more often.

4) Understand that if you’ve had delays in some aspects in the past, you’ll probably still struggle for the same amount in the future. Don’t think it will take less time, even if you believe that it will. It will avoid the chance of you estimating inaccurately and throwing the whole Sprint off.

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