7 Cool Developer Feedback, Engagement, and Happiness Tools

Alex Vernik
Alex Vernik
Engineering Ops Specialist
Posted on
Sep 24, 2020
Updated on
May 23, 2022
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The key to a great development team is communication. Without it, a team will fall apart. Everyone must be on the same page in order to be successful, and this happens by giving and receiving feedback, increasing engagement, and using tools to ensure that everyone is happy.

So how can you ensure that your team is working together and effectively? This article will list some excellent tools, including retrospective tools, for great developer feedback, engagement, and happiness tools. Let’s get started.

Tools for Developer Feedback

With these tools, your development team will have a safe place to leave honest, constructive feedback that will encourage teamwork and enhance your team’s work.

●     TINYpulse: This resource streamlines internal communication within a development team. Your company is able to read developer feedback and thoughts in real time. With TINYpulse, you can collect continuous feedback from all of your employees and team members, understand how your employees feel about their work, and discover why employees stay or leave.

●     Weekdone: This is an excellent resource for keeping track of weekly goals, as well as larger goals for your dev team. It is a great way to align your objectives and get them organized so that everyone is on the same page. Besides planning out your team goals, Weekdone includes resources to support and guide your team through one-on-one discussions, as well as receive feedback and give acknowledgement for a job well done!

●     6Q: This is a resource that can be used to create meaningful surveys for employees. By receiving actionable feedback, you are able to create a healthy work environment that is conducive to dev team productivity. These 6Q surveys will increase engagement among your team, increase productivity, improve overall morale, and create better teamwork.  

Tools to Boost Engagement

In order for a dev team to be productive, it must work together and everyone must be engaged. Here are some tools to increase engagement among your team.

●     Go Retro: We are an easy-to-use resource that makes retrospective meetings easy and fun. GoRetro is a free retrospective tool for ongoing use that allows a team to create unlimited boards, share them each with all of the team members, and gain insight on what has worked in the past and what needs to be changed. By involving the entire team, engagement will automatically increase, creating a productive work environment.

●     Polly: This survey-building resource is an excellent way to receive real-time feedback and get your entire team involved and keep them engaged. Polly makes it extremely easy to weave in more automation into your workflow and build in custom processes around your critical pieces of work. Your entire team will be involved in the process, creating much more engagement among them. They will be involved in the whole process, making them feel important and appreciated.

Happiness Tools

Do you ever wonder how happy your development team is with their job? These tools will help you find out.

●     GoRetro: besides being a sprint retrospective tool, GoRetro also includes a simple happiness index for the team members involved in the retrospectives(along with votes). It is an easy way for developers to give a quick heads upon their well-being, without it being cumbersome or blasted loudly, granting the team leader a quick view to his or her team.

●     TeamMood: This resource makes it incredibly easy to check on the well being of your team members. They receive daily emails asking about the mood they are in that day. All they have to do is click on their answer, and you know how they are doing! The answers are anonymous, allowing employees to be honest with their answers. With TeamMood, you are equipped to make the necessary changes in order for your team to be happy.

●     Hppy: By increasing employee engagement, company culture, and internal communication, this resource encompasses everything we are looking for to create a happy atmosphere at work. Offering advice and ideas for engaging your employees and team members, Hppy aims to keep everyone happy.

If you are looking for ways to engage your development team, receive their feedback, and create a happy, healthy work environment, then these tools are just what you need.

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Engineering Ops Specialist

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