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Ruth Hadari
Ruth Hadari
Agile Advocate, Engineering Ops Expert
Posted on
Apr 12, 2022
Updated on
Mar 16, 2023
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It can be challenging for professionals and students alike to juggle due dates, coursework, and deadlines that pile up on their plates. If this sounds like your life, why not try some sticky notes to make sense of it all?

No, we’re not talking about the paper kind; we’re talking about online sticky notes that are fast emerging as an effective way to organize all of your tasks and projects on time.

That's because a digital sticky note is a convenient tool for brainstorming. They offer a limitless canvas on any laptop, mobile device, or desktop; you can effortlessly produce, exchange, and save ideas, lists, and more.

Do you want to take quick and precise notes during a brainstorming session and a meeting? 

Try using sticky notes online for that, and you'll never go back. 

Why Are They Important?

Digital sticky notes are the modern-day equivalent tool of notes on computer screens for many people, bridging the gap between tech and organization.

Stay organized, personalize your notes, and carry them with you. Leveraging sticky notes online also streamlines the process of scribbling down ideas as they come to mind. 

Here are some reasons why are online sticky notes board is essential:

  • No physical limitation
  • Create collaborative rhythm
  • Simplify organization and personalization

How Do You Use Sticky Notes Online?

The easiest way to leverage sticky notes online is with an online whiteboard. You can effortlessly click and stick. For instance, if you are managing a distributed or remote team or are a member of one, making this transition to digital sticky notes helps you ensure you can continue to share and brainstorm ideas.

Moreover, you can use online sticky notes on your digital whiteboard for your creative endeavors. A sticky note is ideal for projects, regardless of pleasure or work, and any other purpose, including learning and teaching.

Top Online Sticky Notes Solutions

Here are some top online sticky notes solutions:


GoRetro Cards

GoRetro is a free SOC-2 certified, Agile Sprint retrospective tool that facilitates the entire retro process, making it simple, collaborative and data-driven. GoRetro is used by thousands of Agile teams across the globe, from garage startups to the biggest enterprises in the world (over 20% of S&P 500 companies use GoRetro), and constantly praised for its simplicity, ease of use, and flexibility.

With GoRetro, it’s seamless to create a custom Kanban Board with columns specialized to note taking and then add cards (sticky notes) to these columns in a single click. The collaborative nature of GoRetro means that the whole team can also add, delete and edit notes in real-time. This makes remote or hybrid brainstorming sessions as easy as if everyone was in the same room. 


  • Easy to use
  • No friction sign-in
  • Customizable
  • Secure
  • Real-time collaboration


  • “Free forever” package: The completely free package offers 1 team per company to support unlimited users and guests with unlimited team boards and up to 5 public boards 
  • Premium package ($29/team/month - or $348 billed annually): This tier supports unlimited users and guests, unlimited team boards, unlimited public boards, Retro analytics, Sprint Monitoring tool 
  • Organization package: This offering includes volume discounts, SOC2 Report, SAML/SSO, dedication account manager and Uptime SLA


EasyRetro is one of the robust project management tools that allow businesses to manage teams, collaboration, action items, etc., on a centralized platform. It also offers online sticky notes to ensure practical brainstorming sessions and streamlined processes.

EasyRetro Online Sticky Notes is a free service that makes collaboration easy by letting you share ideas, brainstorm sessions, create action items and organize your thoughts online. You have a built-in filter and sort functionality that lets you organize cards. 

Additionally, the platform makes collaboration easy, especially during the creative process. Sometimes it becomes challenging to focus on the task and deliver the projects promptly when you need more than one team member's input.


  • Simple functionality 
  • Easy to use


  • Lack of customization


EasyRetro offers a plan that starts from $25/team per month, as well as Business and Enterprise plans. The platform also provides a seven-day free trial.


Miro is a productivity platform that allows you to conduct workshops and meetings, perform product development, user experience design and research, innovation/creativity, agile workflows, mind mapping, and strategic planning in a single yet robust software.

The platform offers infinite canvases that work as a toolkit, allowing you to get creative, leveraging Miro's pre-made templates and widgets. This includes sticky notes, shapes, imaginative drawings, arrows, retrospective templates/boards. You can make customer journey maps, user stories, wireframes, roadmaps, retrospectives, sprint planning, and other project tasks.


  • Easy monitoring 
  • Utilize multiple templates for processes


  • Difficult to edit/add text
  • Sticky notes available in just a few colors
  • Creating checklists


Miro offers premium plans from $10/user per month or $8/ user per month annually. The platform also has a free plan with limited features.


Lucidspark is an online whiteboard that allows you to invite your team members and collaborators for idea generation using the same digital whiteboard. The platform lets you collaborate in real-time, regardless of where everyone is. 

You can conduct dynamic brainstorming sessions with the tool's intuitive canvas: Gather ideas, consolidate thoughts, and select the optimal course of action to keep your projects and tasks moving forward. 

This collaboration tool also allows you to gain valuable insights that you can turn into viable action. Lucidspark's outstanding features include infinite canvas, integrations, sticky notes, chat, freehand drawing, templates, voting, timer, breakout boards, etc.


  • Infinite canvas
  • Freehand drawing
  • Templates
  • Real-time collaboration


  • Tool customization 
  • User interface
  • Sharing feature


Lucidspark is available on Individual (starting at $7.95), Team (starting at $9.00 per user), and Enterprise licenses (contact for a quote). The platform also offers a free plan with basic features.

Simple Sticky Notes

It offers a great option that enables you to easily manage your tasks on top of all windows. You can also drag and drop messages on your sticky note directly, which can be helpful and allows you to easily carry on with web browsing while adding jobs in the future.

It's an easy to use, simple, fast, efficient, and free note-taking software. With Simple Sticky Notes, you can take down all of your annoying yellow papers from your office boards and wall and start maintaining them online on your computer desktop, keeping them neatly organized. 

This sticky note tool lives up to its name and provides a straightforward way to remind yourself of critical messages.


  • Simple editing
  • Easy color change 
  • Share notes via email


  • Doesn't support images 


The platform is free to use.

Sticky Notes by ProWebJect (Chrome Extension)

Sticky Notes by ProWebJect (Chrome Extension) is an easy-to-use, lightning-fast browser extension to take notes in Edge and Chrome. It's a user-friendly and straightforward way of taking notes without exiting your browser.

This tool also lets you change the color and add formatting (italic, bold, and underline) to your notes. The application allows you to add bullets and numbered lists, change the font style, etc. The exciting part is that the app also offers speech-to-text functionality that you can leverage to create your notes.


  • Super personalized 
  • Intuitive interface
  • Easy to use


  • Login issues 


Basic functionality is available for free, but you'll need a premium license to enable more features.

Microsoft Sticky Notes

With Microsoft Sticky Notes, you can easily add your reminders and tasks. This nifty little tool provides cross-device syncing that you can access from Microsoft Launcher, Outlook, and OneNote Mobile. What's more appealing is that the tool offers various text formatting options, including strikethrough, bulleted points, and more.

The highlight of Sticky Notes by Microsoft is that it provides intelligent insights based on your input. All in all, this tool is undoubtedly an advanced one.


  • Smart insights
  • Formatting options
  • Cross-device syncing


  • No stay-on-top functionality 


The platform is free.

Wrapping Up

Boards for sticky notes online make it easy to collaborate and interact with coworkers, especially when you want to get things across quickly. Online sticky notes give you the feasibility and a centralized platform to work collectively.

With sticky notes online, you can effectively work alongside colleagues, even remotely, and get your ideas across.

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