The Timeline Retrospective Idea

Alex Vernik
Alex Vernik
Engineering Ops Specialist
Posted on
Jul 5, 2021
Updated on
May 1, 2023
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When finishing up a project, it is helpful to gather your team and reflect on your performance, and the timeline retrospective idea allows you to reflect on individual and departmental actions, which helps everyone run future projects more smoothly. 

What is the Timeline Retrospective?

The timeline sprint retrospective, similar to "open the box retrospective", allows your team to reflect on a period of time, longer than a single sprint. In this retrospective idea, each member will write down things that happened during that period. Additionally, it is useful to color code cards depending on the category that a participant’s feedback stands for. For this retrospective, the facilitator must draw a graph with a horizontal axis highlighting all the important dates. 

When Should You Use the Timeline Retrospective?

This retrospective is useful when a team needs to reflect on past performance. It is good to look at past projects and how the team performed in them to improve future projects. Additionally, looking at past performance allows the team to understand any mistakes that were made and be prepared to not make them again. This platform can be used in teams of varying sizes since you can color code different departments. 

What Makes the Timeline Retrospective Collaborative?

This retrospective is collaborative because it requires every team member to work together and figure out what they did right and wrong in a past project. This leads to accountability from each member when a new project begins, meaning that they can help each other to not make the same mistakes again.

More Templates and Ideas

Learn more about agile retrospective activities by visiting our retrospective templates gallery. Additionally, you can find more agile retrospective ideas in our blog post.

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Engineering Ops Specialist

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