What Happened Sprint Retrospective Idea

Alex Vernik
Engineering Ops Specialist
Posted on
Aug 12, 2021
Updated on
Dec 25, 2021
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Sprint retrospective meetings are a good idea for companies to run with their dev teams working on projects or collaborative tasks. It allows them to discuss what’s going on and decide if there are any updates to be made and also allows them to make sure all employees are on the same level of understanding for the project or topic that is being discussed.

Retrospective Idea: What Happened

The whole point behind this part of the retro meeting is to close in on a general outcome of the project or topic that the meeting is being held for. 

It begins with each employee giving back their honest feedback about What Happened regarding the project or topic, and with it the team can reproduce the positive things that came out for future projects and topics. This can create better practices when you allow for any constructive criticism or negative feedback during the meeting.

Usually, these activities are done for big projects or topics that meetings need to be held for, but doing this activity even in small retro meetings can drastically change the employees’ mindsets and work environment. Everyone’s opinion gets shared, and problems can get resolved quickly and painlessly for both the employees and the employer.

To conclude, the What Happened retrospective format is a fantastic sprint retro idea to help get your whole team on board with any projects or issues that arise during the process of the meeting or during the time that the project is going on. These retrospective meetings should happen often enough to keep track of the project’s progress and make sure that all the team members working on the project are on the same page.

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