The Weather Retrospective Activity

Posted on
Aug 9, 2021
Updated on
May 23, 2022
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The weather retrospective activity allows you to understand how your team has been feeling about the project and discuss any issues. 

What is the Weather Retrospective Idea?

This sprint retrospective is a great way to gauge how the team has been feeling about the project. The weather retrospective focuses on members’ moods over the last two weeks. This is a great way to address bad feelings about the project and distract the group by having a bit of fun. 

For this retro activity, one of the members of the team will draw a map of the country or continent the team is most familiar with. Each member will, then, draw his or her mood on a sticky note based on weather. If a team member has been feeling great about the project for the last two weeks, he or she will draw sunny weather. Heavy rain, foggy, or rain, are all weather the facilitator would not want to see. 

Additionally, team members can choose in-between weather to better represent their mood. Afterward, each member will put his or her sticky note on an unknown capital or city on the map. This will allow team members to have a little bit of fun and laugh trying to figure it out. Lastly, everything gets plugged into a graph and the team can discuss the moods. 

When Should the Weather Retrospective Be Used?

As mentioned before, this retrospective idea is great to gauge the mood of the team and relax a bit with a laugh and a fun activity. Additionally, this is a great retrospective format for the team to check in on how they are feeling every two weeks of a project. 

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