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Scrum is an agile project management framework designed to effectively structure team efforts. Organizations that use scrum often follow a set of rigid guidelines that inform their communication, expectations, and work interactions.

Having a unified, consistent set of scrum values is crucial to the success of scrum as a framework. When the members of your team are on the same page, sprints are finished faster and with higher quality.

Why Are Scrum Values Important?

Scrum values are essential to teams for several reasons. First, they serve as a foundation for the framework's structure which helps create transparency and accountability among team members. By committing to these values, teams are able to communicate more effectively with one another.

This improved communication leads to better teamwork, which is essential when working on projects where several people have different roles related to the task at hand. These values are correlated to the success of teams using Scrum and include:

Commitment: Team members must make a 100% commitment to completing their tasks and working towards project goals.

Openness: Teams should be open, encouraging input from all members.

Respect: Everyone involved in the project deserves respect for their work and opinions.

Focus: All team members should focus on the project at hand, sticking to their responsibilities and not becoming distracted.

Courage: Taking risks when necessary to ensure the success of the project and team.

These values are at the heart of Scrum, and teams should work together to keep them in mind. By maintaining these values, teams are better equipped to create a robust, efficient Scrum-based environment conducive to their overall success.

How can GoRetro help your Team Strengthen Its Scrum Values?

GoRetro is an intuitive and productive retrospective tool teams can use to track their performance and explore ways to improve. It allows users to quickly build retrospectives that focus on issues, promoting openness among the team. It also creates reports that are organized in an easy-to-digest format so they can be shared with members outside of your Scrum team.

GoRetro's interface is designed to be easy to use for team members both familiar and unfamiliar with the Scrum framework. In addition, team members can communicate more efficiently because they can refer back to previous retrospectives while working on their current tasks.

The tool also encourages communication by enabling users to post activities performed during a retrospective session, allowing other team members to see these notes at any time.


While maintaining your team's Scrum values is vital to its success, it can be difficult because different team members have varying experience levels with the framework. However, by using an online retrospective tool like GoRetro, teams will have a more efficient and productive time tracking their performance and exploring ways to improve.

The tool allows team members of all levels of familiarity with Scrum to keep the framework's values in mind as they work on projects together, helping them avoid any issues that interfere with their commitment to these values.

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