GoRetro vs. EasyRetro – Quick Sprint Retrospective Comparison

Alex Vernik
Engineering Ops Specialist
Posted on
Mar 29, 2021
Updated on
Dec 27, 2021
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Sprint Retrospective tools are used to improve a team’s performance and keep things organized. The tools are like a virtual white board that features a wide variety of templates to help the team analyze past performance to improve future performance. 

GoRetro and EasyRetro offer very similar features. However, GoRetro is completely free retrospective tool, while EasyRetro’s free option doesn’t have all of its premium features included. Depending on your team, one of the two platforms will surely fulfill all your dev team’s wants and needs.

Retrospective Tool Costs

When it comes to pricing, GoRetro’s features are all completely free. EasyRetro offers a free option that allows three public boards per month and one survey per board. There are three paid options, which are the team, business, and enterprise plans. All of these paid options allow unlimited surveys per board, unlimited team boards, and unlimited team members. The team plan is $25 per month. Allows five boards per month and one team. The business plan is $60 a month. It allows 15 public boards per month and three teams. The enterprise plan allows 30 public boards monthly, six teams, and is $90 a month. 

Privacy & Collaboration for your Retrospective

GoRetro and EasyRetro both allow you to create private and public boards. However, EasyRetro has a limited number of boards that you can create for your team depending on your subscription. Both allow you to assign roles to different team members. The account admin can view and manage all boards and create and manage teams, the team admin can view and manage teams and boards that he or she is a part of, and the team member can only view and create boards in the team he or she is in. 

Retrospective Format and Customization

Both platforms have a wide variety of retrospective templates when creating a board. EasyRetro has over 100 templates available and GoRetro has 10 templates available. Additionally, they both allow a team to create a custom board from scratch. EasyRetro and GoRetro have an intuitive and easy-to-navigate dashboard where you will see all of your boards. Both platforms also have cards that can be created for people to vote on. EasyRetro also allows users to take surveys on the boards, but you are only allowed one per month in the free version. 

Exporting Your Retrospectives & Integrations

People often export their boards to keep it as a backup or when going to a meeting that is offline. GoRetro and EasyRetro’s boards can be exported as a PDF, Excel file, or Clipboard. Something unique to EasyRetro is that you can integrate it to Slack, since a lot of dev teams use the platform to work together. 

Overall, the best thing about GoRetro is that there is no additional cost for virtually all of the same features that EasyRetro has. Both platforms have very similar features and are very easy to navigate. However, if your teams use Slack a lot to track a job’s progress, EasyRetro might be a good option since it can integrate with the platform. Furthermore, EasyRetro allows you to create board surveys to really get everyone’s opinion. 

At the end of the day, it all depends on what your team’s sprint retrospective preferences are.

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