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May 3, 2022
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Table of Content (formally Fraankly) vs. GoRetro: How to choose the perfect retrospective platform [2022]

GoRetro reviews is our latest blog series where we provide the facts about different retrospective tools – no BS and no hyperbole needed. Keep scrolling for our analysis and to learn more about all the retrospective tools out there. Enjoy! 😊

Trune, formerly known as Fraankly, has recently had an overhaul and a massive re-branding. Their new design aims to give teams a simple and effective retrospective meeting. We built GoRetro from the ground up during the Covid era in order to serve modern teams as they navigate this new world. 

GoRetro vs. Trune: The high-level comparison

When the time comes to getting your organization’s processes in order, the first step is knowing you need a solution. But the following step, actually picking and onboarding a new platform, is where things can get tricky. 

👉  Both GoRetro and Trune offer similar basic functionalities and pricing packages, but GoRetro shines when it comes to data integration, reports, happiness tracking, action items, and so on. GoRetro was built specifically for Scrum Masters and is used by more than 40,000 organizations across diverse industries and sizes, so this should not come as a surprise. Nevertheless, Trune has some really nice UX and we loved its agility health radar. 

Continue reading below and see how GoRetro and Trune compare for all your organization’s needs.

More Top Retrospective Tools

In addition to GoRetro and Trune, there are many other quality Agile retrospective tools. We researched and reviewed the leading retrospective tools and highlighted the essential information you need to know about each. Whether you're a Fortune 100 company or a smaller startup organizing a retrospective meeting, our review can help you narrow down your choices and decide which retrospective tool is right for your needs. See all of our top picks.

What is GoRetro? 

GoRetro is a free SOC-2 certified, Agile Sprint retrospective tool that facilitates the entire retro process, making it simple, collaborative and data-driven. GoRetro is used by thousands of Agile teams across the globe, from garage startups to the biggest enterprises in the world (over 20% of S&P 500 companies use GoRetro), and is constantly praised by its simplicity, ease of use, and flexibility.

GoRetro board - What went well retrospective

What is Trune? 

Trune is a collaborative web application created to help teams run productive, engaging and fun retrospectives. It is a mixture between a digital whiteboard and a retrospective platform where users join a shared board and add sticky notes to various categories. 

Trune - retrospective screenshot

GoRetro features

GoRetro is fully packed with retrospective features and uses for you and your team, from the ability to create unlimited retro boards, use pre-built and fully customizable templates, invite unlimited team members, comment, vote, drag/drop/merge, create actions items, follow up trends in the analytics panel, export, and much more. Additionally, GoRetro׳s advanced data driven features give you superpowers: You can say goodbye to juggling endless spreadsheets and tabs. Use your real-time Sprint data to run better retros and improve your team’s performance; get a sense of what is happening, identify gaps in planning, and see what your team actually spends their time on. GoRetro will allow you to analyze your sprints to identify trends, track improvements and uncover stumbling blocks. On average, we can  increase participation by 80%. Save time on technical preparation and focus on what's important: getting better. 

The GoRetro security team spends days and nights to make sure your data is secured at the highest standards out there. We are SOC-2 and ISO 27001 certified, audited and evaluated by an independent auditor in all aspects of product, infrastructure, and policies. GoRetro has been certified as compliant with their stringent requirements.

Trune features

Collaborative digital whiteboard, allowing you and your team to add sticky notes in real-time or asynchronous with fun pre-built templates. 

What GoRetro and Trune customers have to say

Trune is not included under G2, but GoRetro is ranked as the top performer of spring 2022. It has plenty of strong reviews and testimonials, which mention its data driven insights, simplicity, time saving and boost in participation as core benefits. 

What makes GoRetro unique?

❗The most important thing to know is that GoRetro is a SOC-2 and ISO 27001 certified, secured by design platform that gives the same level of security for all tiers, whether you pay or not. This is not applicable for Trune.

Sure, you can always use a spreadsheet to run your retrospective meetings. But will a spreadsheet consume data from your ticket system, run AI models to identify bottlenecks, and help you focus on the big picture? 

As far as we’re concerned, GoRetro is the secret sauce, the way to get superpowers and transform your work. And yes, it has ease of use, seamless collaboration, and flexibility. The user interface is dead-simple, so you can get going quickly. But it has much, MUCH, more to offer: It can analyze your burndown, show you feedback on both macro and micro levels, and even boost your team's energy. What makes GoRetro different from other tools? Well, it allows you to have engaging, focused, productive, valuable, in-context and honest retros, using your own data, unlike any other tool out there. 

The GoRetro security team spends days and nights to make sure your data is secured to the highest standards out there. We are SOC-2 and ISO 27001 certified, an independent auditor has evaluated our product, infrastructure, and policies. GoRetro has been certified as compliant with their stringent requirements.

GoRetro pricing

GoRetro free plan gives you the power to run meaningful retrospectives in a collaborative way. You get one team, unlimited users, unlimited private retrospectives, 5 public boards, and access to all our pre-built templates and advanced facilitation features, wrapped up with the highest level of security

In the premium tier, users can benefit from advanced features such as integrations, data models, automatic sprint analysis, AI models, and so on.

The security team of GoRetro does not discriminate and offers the same level of security across all tiers. Plus, GoRetro is SOC2 & ISO 27001 certified, ensuring your data is protected by the latest security standards.

Trune pricing

Trune pricing starts from $19 per month/team, and professional accounts pricing is $39 per team member/month.

Full comparison

Pricing Free and Paid for advanced features Paid
Free trial
Unlimited users
Unlimited teams
Unlimited boards
Security compliant
Facilitator controls
Pre-built templates
Board privacy
Action items
Card voting
Merge, sort and search cards
Card comments
SAML single sign-On
Knowledge base
Participation analysis
Happiness pools
Anonymous participation
Public boards
Real time sprint monitor analytics
Micro/Macro sprint analysis
Joker cards
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Determining the right software fit for your team 

We know that the road to a new platform for your organization can seem like a long and complicated one, but by pairing the information we’ve reviewed with your unique insight about your team, it won’t be difficult to find the right retrospective app to suit your needs. Our core product values are simplicity, ease of use and flexibility. We believe that retrospecting should not take you or your team out of focus or be an obstacle; it should be a fun experience. As such, we’ve made our user interface, features, and overall design seamless and intuitive. From the onboarding process to the meeting itself, GoRetro is your trusted partner.

👉 GoRetro is continuously releasing new features, so be sure to check out our changelog for updates.

👉 You can find useful articles at our Help Center and at our Blog. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team.

Happy retrospecting!

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