GoRetro vs. IdeaBoardz - Quick Sprint Retro Comparison

Alex Vernik
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Mar 15, 2021
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Dec 6, 2021
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Sprint Retrospective platforms are used to help dev teams of all sizes understand and reflect on their software development process to improve from one project to the next and stay organized. GoRetro and IdeaBoardz are two options that a team can choose depending on its needs and wants.

Cost of Retrospective Tool

Nowadays, most online dev team sprint retrospective tools start out free, but you often need to pay more for certain premium features. When it comes to GoRetro, all the features are completely free, and the same goes for IdeaBoardz. However, GoRetro has more helpful features, while IdeaBoardz can only create a simple board without any added features. 

Retrospective Features

GoRetro and IdeaBoardz have different retrospective features and picking the one that best helps your team’s wants and needs is up to you. Perhaps you wouldn’t mind if your board can be accessed by the public or if maybe you need more templates and more features than just the board. 

Retro Privacy and Collaboration

When it comes to the privacy of your board, IdeaBoardz does not really have any. Your board can be accessed by anyone if they have the link to it, and it can be edited by anyone who has access. IdeaBoardz also allows your board to be easily shared around your team by simply sending the URL to them.

GoRetro, on the other hand, allows you to make your board public or private with certain teammates. You can create an unlimited number of boards with any team that you create, whether the team is only the developers, or only the managers, or the team leaders of your project, or everyone involved. Each team can be created through the platform, the invites are sent directly to their e-mail, and the boards can be shared to teams or through a URL that can be sent to anyone you’d like. 

Retrospective Templates

Both IdeaBoardz and GoRetro have retrospective templates to help you quickly create a board. Both platforms also allow you to create your own custom board from scratch to meet all your team’s needs. 

GoRetro has a variety of sprint retrospective templates, including Three Little Pigs, 4 Ls, Lean Coffee, the Corona Retrospective, and many more. The custom templates can have three to five columns. All boards have the feature of voting and assigning a number of votes per user. You can choose to hide cards, disable votes, hide vote count, and show the card’s author. 

IdeaBoardz also has templates that you can choose from, including the starfish retrospective, six thinking hats, pros and cons, and retrospective. When it comes to custom boards, you can create boards with 1 to 10 sections. All you can include is a description and the name of the board. 

Exporting Your Retrospective

Being able to export a board is important, especially if you have a meeting where you need to discuss details about the project, or just to keep it as a backup. Both platforms provide exporting features, and they are completely free. 

If using IdeaBoardz, you can export any board you have access to. The boards can be exported as PDF or Excel files. GoRetro allows you to export any board to PDF, Excel, and Clipboard.

Retrospectives for Teams

GoRetro has the capability to assign user roles to team members. For instance, the account administrator can view and manage all subscriptions as well as create and manage teams and boards. The team admin can view and manage the teams and the retrospective boards. The team member can only view, create, and manage boards within the team that he or she is a part of. IdeaBoardz, on the other hand, doesn’t have that feature. 

Retro Dashboard and Layout

Depending on how big or small your team is, the layout of the platform can play a key role in staying organized. While you might need some extra effort to stay organized when using IdeaBoardz, you won’t have to do any extra work when it comes to GoRetro. 

When you log into your GoRetro account, you get a dashboard with all the boards and teams you are a part of. You can include comments on the boards to specific teams. You can also filter and sort all your boards by date, vote count, text, and more. 

Choosing the right platform for you and your team depends on your team’s wants and needs. If you only need a simple board perhaps IdeaBoardz would be a good option for you. If you have bigger projects or more teams, GoRetro might be the best option for you. 

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