GoRetro vs. Lean Coffee Table: A Sprint Retrospective Comparison

Alex Vernik
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Posted on
Jun 17, 2021
Updated on
Dec 27, 2021
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GoRetro and Lean Coffee Table are sprint retrospective tools that have similar features. If you are looking into signing your team up for a sprint retrospective, it is a great idea to check both of these platforms out. 

Does my team need a retrospective tool? 

If you want your team to reflect on past performance and improve future performance, the answer is definitely yes. Furthermore, these tools allow teams to stay organized and communicate at a high level. 

Sprint Retro Tool: Cost

GoRetro provides all of its premium features for FREE while Lean Coffee Table, on the other hand, provides a 30-day free trial. The subscription plans are divided by the number of facilitators you need. If you need one, it is $10 a month. If you need more than five facilitators, you can get better deals and you can contact the platform if you need more than 50 facilitators. Lean Coffee Table’s subscription includes unlimited meetings and team members, meeting summaries, single sign-on, actions and notes, and any more of the platform’s premium features. 

Agile Retrospective: Collaboration

Lean Coffee Table and GoRetro have intuitive dashboards that allow you to see all the boards that you are a part of. Both platforms also allow you to create action items and the team can vote on any discussion points to get to a conclusion at the end of a meeting. 

Lean Coffee Table has three different roles: facilitator, attendee, and guest. The facilitator creates meetings and boards, invites team members, and sets up other aspects of meetings and boards. The attendee has an account on the platform but does not have control over the boards and meetings. Attendees can only see boards that they have been invited to. Guests can participate in meetings and boards without a Lean Coffee Table account as long as they have a link to the board or meeting.

When it comes to GoRetro, you can assign members of a team different roles as well. The account admin can view and manage all boards, members, create teams, and assign roles. The team admin can view and manage teams and respective boards. Lastly, the team member can only view or create boards within the team he or she is in.

Sprint Retrospective Meeting Integrations

GoRetro does not have any integrations to other platforms; Lean Coffee Table, on the other hand, does. 

The platform allows you to integrate with your Google, Microsoft, and Slack accounts. You can set up Zoom meetings directly through Lean Coffee and use your boards during your Zoom meetings. You can also log in with your Google, Microsoft, or Slack account for quicker and easier sign-in. 

Overall, GoRetro offers a lot of the same features that Lean Coffee Table does but for completely free. However, if you run a lot of Zoom meetings, Lean Coffee might be the best option for you and your team. If your team is a beginner at retrospective tools, GoRetro is a great option that is complete and has a lot of the features and retro format that most paid platforms have. 

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