GoRetro vs. MetroRetro - Quick Sprint Retro Comparison

Alex Vernik
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Posted on
Mar 22, 2021
Updated on
Dec 27, 2021
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To improve your dev team’s performance and stay organized, sprint retrospective tools are a great option to utilize. These tools function like a virtual whiteboard and feature a wide variety of templates to help your team. 

GoRetro and MetroRetro are completely free and each has its own benefits. It is up to you and your team to decide which best fits your wants and needs. 

Retro tool Cost

When looking into the cost of the two sprint retrospective platforms, both GoRetro and MetroRetro are completely free; You do not need to pay extra in order to get to certain features. When choosing between the two platforms, it really depends on what your team needs. 

MetroRetro has a very intuitive and interactive design while GoRetro has a clear design along with more features than MetroRetro. 

Retrospective Privacy

MetroRetro’s board has some privacy, but anyone can edit the board once they have the link. The platform allows you to add a password to the board to make it harder for anyone to access; however, you cannot assign roles to different people and toggle the privacy from public to private for certain teams or users like available with GoRetro. 

Furthermore, GoRetro provides two privacy settings for your boards. The public setting allows you to send the board to anyone with a URL link while the private setting is invite-only and the admin can remove or add members. 

Retrospective Meeting Collaboration & Customization

MetroRetro has a unique design that allows you to see people working on the board in real-time. The platform also has a wide array of templates for retrospectives, planning for the future, project and product management, meetings, and customization. When using MetroRetro, you can customize every single part of the board with an interactive design.

GoRetro allows collaboration as well and goes a bit further. The platform allows different roles to be assigned to teammates. The account admin can view and manage all boards, members, create teams, and assign roles. The team admin can view and manage teams and respective boards. Lastly, the team member can only view or create boards within the team he or she is in. When it comes to retrospective templates, GoRetro also has a wide variety of them and you can customize your own board to meet all your team’s requirements. Custom templates range from three to five columns. 

Retro Accessibility & Exporting

When it comes to accessibility, GoRetro is fully accessible in any internet browser. The platform allows you to export any board for offline use as a PDF, Excel, or PNG file. 

MetroRetro is also accessible in most browsers, yet the platform has limited feature support on mobile devices. The boards can be exported for offline use as an excel file with or without comments or a JSON file. 

When comparing the two platforms, you might be able to clearly see which one fits best what your team needs. It is also a good idea to give both platforms a try since they are completely free. 

GoRetro has a wide variety of features when it comes to collaboration and roles within teams while MetroRetro allows you to fully customize an interactive and unique board. 

If privacy and control are important to you, GoRetro is the way to go. It all depends on what your team needs to improve performance. 

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