The 10 Best Scrum Tools for Scrum Masters in 2023

Ruth Hadari
Ruth Hadari
Agile Advocate, Engineering Ops Expert
Posted on
Aug 25, 2022
Updated on
Mar 26, 2023
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The ability to quickly and effectively adjust to new circumstances is more crucial than ever in today's fast-paced and unpredictable work environment. This is where Scrum comes in: a powerful framework for managing change that has been gaining popularity in recent years. 

As a Scrum Master, it is crucial to have the right tools at your disposal to help you and your team successfully implement Scrum. This comprehensive guide will look at 10 of the best Scrum tools available today.

What Are Scrum Software Tools?

Scrum software tools help businesses implement the Scrum methodology for managing project development. The Scrum framework exemplifies Agile project management, emphasizing teamwork, collaboration, and efficiency.

Scrum software provides users with capabilities such as Sprint planning dashboards, reporting tools, and project analytics to track the progress of projects. The Scrum software helps keep the Agile Scrum process running smoothly without disruptions. 

Many Scrum tools offer a graphical representation of the tasks in each Sprint, allowing the team to track their progress toward the end goal. 

Because there is such a vast selection of software tools designed for use with Scrum now on the market, it can be challenging to determine which of these products is best suited for your company.

To help you decide, we’ve compiled a list of the best Scrum tools available. This list includes a variety of Scrum software solutions, so that you can find the perfect tool for your business.

What Are the Benefits of Using Scrum Software Tools?

Scrum is an iterative and incremental software development methodology designed to address complex projects. Scrum software tools offer many benefits, including:

  • Help to provide better visibility into project progress and resource productivity
  • Improve project planning by enabling team members to keep track of tasks and estimate the amount of work that can be finished by a particular date
  • Reduce the chances of project failure by identifying issues as development progresses. This allows team members to make changes immediately to ensure project success 
  • Allow team members to create and manage user stories, sprints, and tasks 
  • Provide a way for Scrum masters to communicate with team members and stakeholders 
  • Help Scrum masters to optimize team productivity and efficiency 
  • Help Scrum masters to identify and resolve issues that may impact the success of a project 
  • Help Scrum masters improve the quality of deliverables and reduce project risks 
  • Help Scrum masters increase project management processes' transparency and improve team members' communication 
  • Help Scrum masters to ensure that projects are delivered on time and within budget
  • Act as an essential part of Scrum methodology and can help improve the success rate of complex projects

What Are the Best Scrum Software Tools for Scrum Masters?

Scrum Masters are responsible for leading Scrum teams and ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget. Scrum Masters need to be familiar with various Scrum software tools to manage Scrum projects effectively.

There are many different Scrum software tools available on the market. Some of the best Scrum tools include:

1. GoRetro

GoRetro is a data-driven retrospective tool that helps Scrum teams turn their retrospectives into a more fun, engaging and productive process. It helps Scrum teams increase team participation by 400%.

GoRetro is the most trusted and used retrospective tool for remote and hybrid teams, with over 30,000 developers using it worldwide.


Unlimited Board

GoRetro's real-time collaboration boards help Scrum Masters keep track of past, present, and future meetings all in one place. Scrum Masters can also add columns, details, and colors to their boards to adapt to the needs of their projects and teams. 

In addition, GoRetro keeps track of past timelines and exactly what notes and actions were generated.

Unlimited Teams

This feature is designed to help teams collaborate and improve their workflow. It features unlimited teams, so you can invite as many developers, designers, managers, and team leaders as you need. It also has a board where you can track your team's progress and see what needs to be done next.


This feature provides templates that make it easy to customize boards to fit your team's needs. It also offers pre-built templates that can be used for retrospective meetings. This makes it easy to ensure that every meeting is fun and engaging.


This feature helps teams reflect on their past performance and identify areas for improvement. Users can also comment on team performance, assign action items, and track due dates and status.

Sorting and Filtering

This feature allows Scrum Masters to sort and filter cards quickly, a great system for viewing cards by date, vote count, text, and other filters.

Drag, Drop, Merge, and Unmerge

This feature allows users to easily move cards to other columns, merge or unmerge similar items, or remove unnecessary items from their board.

Productive Real-Time Collaboration

This feature helps Scrum Masters work on cards in real-time, regardless of location. It also can show who is online, create, update, merge, and vote on cards all in one place.

2. Jira

Jira was developed by Australian software company Atlassian. Jira is a software tool widely used by Agile development teams to track bugs, stories, epics, and other tasks. Over 90,000 customers in over 170 countries use Jira.

Jira is built for every software team member to plan, track, and release great software. It features a customizable workflow engine that helps you manage any business project and unites your entire business value stream on a single platform.



This feature allows users to create and visualize epics, making it ideal for planning large sets of stories across multiple Sprints. 

Product Integration

This feature helps integrate with Atlassian tools like Confluence to make development simpler and easier. Integration of your development and IT teams is another option for expedient problem-solving. This feature can also streamline your development process with Jira Service Desk.

Project Tracking

This feature helps plan, release, track, and report projects at any stage. In addition, it offers a versatile planning tool that enables Scrum Masters to generate tasks and stories from whatever screen they choose.

In addition, Project Tracking allows you to drag and drop items within the backlog, making it very easy to create sprints and epics.

Reports and Insights

This feature helps generate insights to help Scrum Masters ensure their teams are always up to date and set up for success.

Scrum Board

This feature helps teams cut down on waste and ship projects faster by mapping out all the work that needs to be done. 

This feature helps Scrum Masters keep everyone informed about the work being completed, who is working on what, and what additional tasks still need to be completed. Scrum boards help keep everyone aligned so your team can focus on shipping great software.

3. ClickUp

ClickUp is an all-in-one suite of tools for managing people, projects, and everything in between. Scrum Masters will find ClickUp an essential tool for managing their Scrum projects effectively. 

With ClickUp, you can supercharge your team's productivity with features like task management, Agile management, and 24/7 support. Scrum Masters can use ClickUp to manage their projects in one platform instead of switching between multiple tools. 


Space, Folder, List

ClickUp's Spaces feature allows you to easily organize your teams and departments into cohesive groups to manage your workflows. 

The Folder feature helps you group big projects or initiatives to track their progress more effectively, and the List feature allows users to break tasks into smaller items to better prioritize their work.

Customizable Tasks

This feature allows users to customize their task management according to their work needs with over 35+ ClickApps. This feature also provides Scrum Masters with access to a variety of Scrum tools, such as the ability to assign Sprint Points, add Custom Field data, and more.

Nested Subtasks and Checklist

By nesting tasks, projects can be broken down into smaller level subtasks. This helps to organize and keep track of progress. 

Creating checklists within tasks helps to ensure that all steps in the process are completed. This is especially helpful for workflows involving multiple steps or simple to-do lists.


With this feature, Scrum Masters can integrate over 1000 other tools, including calendars, messaging apps, cloud storage, and more. This allows Scrum Masters to keep all their tools in one place, making it easier to manage projects and track progress.

4. ActiveCollab

ActiveCollab is a Scrum software tool that gives Scrum Masters complete control over their work. It includes tasks, communication, team members, and files—all in one place.


Work Management

This work management feature gives Scrum Masters complete control over their work by helping team members plan, estimate, and track project progress. 

Scrum Masters can adapt to changes quickly and easily with this work management feature. It helps deliver value to clients faster with less stress.

Team Collaboration

With this feature, Scrum Masters can easily track progress and ensure that everyone on the team is on the same page. It facilitates team collaboration with task lists, assignment tracking, and file sharing.

Time Management

This time management feature integrates a stopwatch that can be set off on a project or a specific task. This allows businesses to better manage their time and budget by knowing how many hours they spent working on something. 

Resource Management

ActiveCollab resource management feature gives Scrum Masters an overview of their team's workload and helps them distribute tasks more efficiently. 

They can also see how much time each team member has left before they're overworked and ensure everyone is pulled in on a project only when their skills are needed. 

These features also help Scrum Masters avoid costly mistakes, like letting a key team member get too bogged down with work and missing deadlines. 

Furthermore, seeing who is available for new assignments at a glance helps team members react quickly to changes in scope or unexpected delays. By making the most of this feature, Scrum Masters can keep their projects on track and make their team happy.

Client Management

With this feature, Scrum Masters can include their clients in the project management process from the very beginning. Clients can share their ideas, comments, and files with businesses using Active Collab, putting a stop to endless email chains.

Additionally, this feature makes it simple for businesses to convert an idea into an invoice.

5. ScrumDo 

ScrumDo is an online Scrum software that helps Scrum Masters plan, manage, and improve their work processes. ScrumDo is a tool for Scrum Masters that offers a variety of features to help users with their work.



This feature supports various styles and processes, simplifying the road for Scrum Masters to  get the input and effort they need from various people and locations. ScrumDo's drag-and-drop iteration planning interface is simple to use and easy to synchronize with other sources of input and effort. 

For more comprehensive planning, ScrumDo's customer journey mapping capability provides a top-down view of the customer experience, with the ability to map out specific journeys and track progress along the way. 

ScrumDo's flexibility and ease of use make it an essential tool for any organization looking to streamline its planning process.


This feature is designed to support customized reporting at each workspace level. Whether you're looking for organization-wide metrics or team-specific data, ScrumDo can generate the reports Scrum Masters need to understand their workflow better.

Risk Management

The feature helps Scrum Masters stay on top of risk in their projects, including built-in workflow monitoring and signaling systems and the option to define custom risk measures. By keeping a close eye on risks, Scrum Masters and teams can avoid potential pitfalls and ensure smooth delivery of their work.

6. Scrumwise

Scrumwise is another Scrum software application that operates via web and enables Scrum Masters to concentrate on the Scrum project at hand rather than becoming sidetracked by a complicated tool.


Team Coordination

This feature enables Scrum Masters to coordinate their teams and keep track of how they are doing. Scrum Masters can easily add team members, assign tasks, and keep track of progress. 

Project Management

This project management feature helps Scrum Masters manage their Scrum projects efficiently and effectively. With this feature, they can create and manage their backlogs, plan releases and Sprints, use Kanban boards, and predict when the project will be delivered.


This feature helps Scrum Masters to visualize their work, design their own Scrum boards, and keep teams on the same page. The tool also provides real-time updates, so that team members can always be aware of the latest developments.


This tracking feature helps Scrum Masters manage their Sprints and releases effectively. They can immediately determine during their Sprints and releases whether or not they are on the right track.

Scrum Masters can use the Sprint burndown charts and release burnup charts to make adjustments on the fly. It also tracks time for billing and accounting purposes. This feature helps Scrum Masters keep tabs on their project budget and use their resources efficiently.

7. Trello

Trello is a popular tool for team collaboration. It allows project boards to be organized in a manner accessible to Scrum Masters. With Trello, they can easily find information on what's being worked on, who's working on what, and what progress the project is making.



Trello offers a variety of templates to help Scrum Masters get started on their projects. From project management to event planning, there is a template for everything. Templates are easy to use and give Scrum Masters a blueprint for success. Scrum Masters can also customize templates to fit their team's specific needs. 


This View feature allows for different views of projects, including grids, lists, and calendars. Grids provide an overview of all tasks in a project, allowing Scrum Masters to see what needs to be done and who is working on what. 

Lists provide a more detailed view of each task, including when it is due and who is responsible for it. Calendars provide a timeline view of tasks, helping Scrum Masters see when they need to be finished and how they are progressing.


This feature gives Scrum Masters the ability to automate tasks and workflows with Butler automation. With Butler, they can set up rules that automatically create new cards, add labels, due dates, and more. 

This can be a huge time-saver if they have repetitive tasks or workflows. In addition, Butler can also be used to send reminders, via email or push notification.

This is extremely helpful for ensuring that tasks are completed on time. Butler automation is a great way to streamline workflow and boost productivity.


This Power-Up feature gives Scrum Masters the ability to link Trello with other tools and applications. Power-Ups allow teams to import their favorite tools into Trello, making it easy to track workflows and stay organized. 

For example, there are Power-Ups for Slack, GitHub, Google Drive, and many other popular applications.


One key feature of Trello involves integration with other popular apps and services. This allows Scrum Masters to find the apps their team is already using or discover new ways to get work done. 

For example, Scrum Masters can integrate Trello with Google Drive to access files and information stored in the cloud, or with Slack to receive notifications and messages directly in their chat application.

8. Yodiz

Yodiz is an online application for managing Agile projects that provides several features tailored particularly for Scrum Masters. These features include Product Backlog Management, Kanban Scrum Board, Issue Tracking Software, and Team Discussions.


Team Planning

This feature helps Scrum Masters plan projects, teams, resources, and individual workloads efficiently. With Yodiz, Scrum Masters can get a complete view of their team's capabilities and work on customer projects.

Team Collaboration

This feature helps teams work together more effectively. With real-time engagement capabilities, team members can stay up-to-date on what's happening with notifications, comments, and tagging. 

As a result, collaborating on projects and ensuring that everyone is on the same page is made much simpler.


Yodiz provides powerful tools for tracking the progress of projects. With its easy-to-use dashboards and insightful analytics, Scrum Masters can quickly see how their team performs against their goals. With real-time notifications, Scrum Masters can be sure that they always know what's going on.


Yodiz provides extensive analytics that can be customized to suit a Scrum Master’s needs better. The analytics allow them to understand and forecast their project's progress. Scrum Masters can also see which areas need improvement and take action accordingly.

Customer Support

Customer support is important to any business. Yodiz makes it easy for Scrum Masters to integrate with help desk software, email, and other channels to bring the development team closer to the customer. 

The integration is simple, allowing customers to submit their issues and requests directly to the development team without going through a third party. This makes communication between the two parties more efficient and reduces the chances of misunderstanding.

9. nTask

nTask is a free task and project management system that includes all the features teams need to collaborate on daily. This includes features like Kanban boards, Gantt charts, and time tracking.



nTask is a task management tool that helps Scrum Masters create to-do lists in the form of checklists. This guarantees that nothing slips through the gaps and that all of the tasks are finished on schedule.

Issue Tracking

With this feature, Scrum masters can track issues, set issue severity levels, assign issue status, and link them to tasks or projects.

Meeting Management

This feature allows Scrum Masters to set agenda items, record discussion points, and set follow-up actions. This also allows Scrum Masters to create recurring meetings, which can be useful for teams that meet regularly.

Kanban Board

This Board view feature helps Scrum Masters see all the tasks in one place so they can prioritize them easily. They can also use the Board view to assign tasks to team members, so everyone knows what needs to be done. 

In addition, Board view enables Scrum Masters to monitor the development of tasks, enabling them to evaluate their teams' performance more accurately.

Risk Management

This feature provides Scrum Masters with the tools to help them manage and monitor risks with the help of a risk matrix, mitigation plans and risk updates. This feature allows them to identify, assess, and manage risks. It also helps Scrum Masters monitor and evaluate the impact of risks. 

Scrum Master tools can be used to create a risk matrix that identifies, assesses, and tracks risks. The matrix can be used to monitor and evaluate the impact of risks.


This feature helps Scrum Masters track and manage their remote team’s time. With the task timer, Scrum Masters can easily see how much time is spent on each task and make adjustments as needed. The timesheets can also be shared for approval and printed in PDF format. 

10. Wrike

Wrike is a Scrum software tool that gives Scrum Masters’ teams full visibility and control over all their tasks and projects. With Wrike, Scrum Masters can easily create and track Scrum tasks, communicate with your team, and monitor project progress.


Real-time Collaboration

Wrike is a Scrum software tool that enables real-time collaboration across organizations. With Wrike, Scrum Masters can get rid of interminable email chains, pointless meetings, and excessive check-ins by instituting real-time commenting and notifications, live editing, and dynamic reports. 

In addition, information can be easily disseminated to all parties involved at any time.


Wrike is designed to be highly configurable and easy to use, making it an ideal choice for Scrum Masters who need a tool that can be tailored to their specific needs. 

Additionally, Wrike's no-code automation and versatility make it a powerful tool for Scrum Masters who need to streamline processes and get the most out of their team. 


One of the best features of Wrike is that it gives Scrum Masters real-time updates on their projects. Scrum Masters have the unique ability to foresee prospective issues and take measures to eliminate them before they even arise.

This feature also makes it easy to view individual tasks or get a holistic view of all projects in the portfolio.


This feature gives Scrum Masters the ability to integrate with the tools they already use, such as Google, Microsoft, Adobe Creative Cloud, Box, GitHub, and JIRA. This allows Scrum Masters to have all their essential tools in one place for easy access and management.

Other lists of the best Scrum Master tools include:

Code Coverage Tool

Code coverage tools are used to determine how much of the source code of a software program has been executed during testing. This can help determine whether or not a specific portion of code is being tested effectively or whether or not it requires further attention.

Code coverage tools can also identify sections of code that are rarely or never executed, which can indicate errors or dead code.

Agile Release Planning Tools

Agile Release Planning Tools involve incremental scheduling of product releases instead of all at once. This approach is often used in product management, allowing for more frequent updates and making tracking progress easier.

Online Retrospective tools

Online Retrospective tools help improve Sprint retro meetings' efficiency and productivity. The success of your team may be guaranteed by using the tools provided, as they provide the structure and value essential for conducting an effective Sprint retro meeting.

Jira Alternatives

Several Jira alternatives offer similar features and functionality. Some Jira alternatives include Zepel, VersionOne, WorkZone, and Hygger.


This article detailed an overview of the 10 best Scrum tools for Scrum Masters in 2022 that enable Scrum Masters to streamline processes and get the most out of their team.

With the right tool, Scrum Masters can easily create and track Scrum tasks, communicate with their team, and monitor project progress. GoRetro is a top choice Scrum Master tool because it offers real-time collaboration, customizable features, and the ability to integrate with other tools.

It offers everything from task management and document collaboration to kanban boards and burndown charts, making it perfect for small and large teams working on complex projects. Other top choices include Jira, Wrike, and Code Coverage Tool.

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