GoRetro vs. Geekbot: A Sprint Retrospective Comparison

Alex Vernik
Engineering Ops Specialist
Posted on
Apr 19, 2021
Updated on
Dec 25, 2021
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Sprint Retrospective tools are often used to improve a dev team’s performance and stay organized. Most work like a virtual whiteboard and feature a wide variety of templates to help your development team. 

GoRetro and Geekbot are two options that have very different features. One of them is surely right for your team’s needs and wants.

Cost of the Retrospective Tool

GoRetro has all its features available completely free while other retrospective platforms have certain features only when paying a premium, Geekbot is not like that. Geekbot is free of charge for up to 10 participants. If your team exceeds that number, it is $2.50 per participant per month. If you have a bigger business, you can talk to Geekbot to find the best price for you. 

Retrospective Meeting Privacy

GoRetro’s boards can be public or private. The public option allows you to send a URL link to anyone you want to access the board while the private setting is through invite-only, and the admin can remove or add members. 

Geekbot also allows private or public boards. Nobody can access your boards unless they are in Slack. The difference between private and public boards on Geekbot is that the private ones allow you to send it to specific people without spamming the entire team. 

Retrospective Integration & User Roles

Geekbot fully integrates with Slack, and when setting up your Geekbot for the first time, you will log in with Slack right away. Additionally, the user roles in Geekbot follow those of Slack. The admins can manage the entire organization’s grid or the workplace, full members have access to all user features in the workspace, and guests and invited members have limited access. 

GoRetro does not integrate with other platforms, but it also has user roles. The account admin can view and manage all boards, members, create teams, and assign roles. The team admin can view and manage teams and respective boards. Lastly, the team member can only view or create boards within the team he or she is in.

Sprint Retro Templates & Customization

GoRetro features fully customizable boards as well as a variety of retrospective templates. The platform allows team members to vote on ideas, add comments, and even create cards of different types that can be assigned to specific members with a date. You can easily find all your boards in the dashboard and with the sorting and filtering features of the platform. 

Geekbot has a unique feature called standup. This feature allows the team to keep everyone in the loop with regular updates on the progress of a project. Geekbot has a variety of templates and you can create your own boards. The platform allows you to analyze feedback and plan your retrospective cycle with automatic reminders. The AI can even give you data on who has given feedback or been active. You can ping whoever has not been active. 

GoRetro is more of a single tool. The GoRetro platform works more like a whiteboard, rather than something that can make meetings shorter and communication easier. Geekbot, on the other hand, is an AI that helps you stay on top of everything your team is doing. The Slack integration allows you to even run meetings. It all depends on what your team needs, at the end of the day. 

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