GoRetro vs. A Sprint Retrospective Comparison

Alex Vernik
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Posted on
Jun 21, 2021
Updated on
Jan 3, 2022
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Sprint Retrospective tools are great for you and your team to reflect on past performance. Once you can pinpoint any issues in past projects, you will be able to make sure that those issues do not happen again. Sprint retrospectives allow you to learn from the past to improve and plan for the future. Additionally, these tools allow you and your team to stay organized during any project. GoRetro and are two retrospective platforms that can help you and your team. 

Sprint Retro Tool Cost

GoRetro is completely free for you and your team to use. has a free version that offers some features; however, to get all of the platform’s premium features you will need to pay a monthly subscription. The premium membership allows you to pick as many users as you need to be in your team, you get unlimited trends reports and archives, and you can create your own sprint retrospective question models. Retros free version features unlimited boards and teams, but you do not get all of the features for trend reports and the archive. Additionally, you and your team only have access to the default question models. 

Sprint Retrospective Collaboration 

Both platforms allow team members to indicate how they feel and vote on any retrospective ideas and action items. has the question model features, which allows you to ask your team pre-made questions as well as create your own to assess how everything is going. GoRetro allows team members to comment on cards to give feedback. 

Both platforms have roles that can be assigned to different members. GoRetro has the account admin role, which can view and manage any board or member, create teams, and assign roles. The team admin can view and manage teams and respective boards. Lastly, the team member can only view or create boards within the team he or she is in.’s roles are very similar to GoRetro’s. Full control is just like the account admin role. The manager role allows you to manage the teams and boards you manage. The employee has the same role as the team member. 

Agile Retrospective Privacy & Exporting

GoRetro allows you to choose from a wide array of sprint retrospective formats or create your own board. Additionally, you can protect your boards with a password or simply allow them to be public. Both platforms allow you to export data to use offline or keep for your records. allows you to export your boards and data to Excel. With GoRetro, you can export boards to PDF, Excel, and Clipboard.

Overall, GoRetro and have similar features; however, GoRetro has virtually the same retrospective premium features as completely free. Both platforms allow you to assign the same roles, create boards, vote on ideas, and share your feelings. GoRetro provides private and public boards, as well as more ways to export your boards for offline use. The one thing that makes stand out is the question model feature. At the end of the day, it really depends on what your team needs when choosing the best platform for you. 

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