GoRetro vs. ScatterSpoke: A Sprint Retrospective Comparison

Alex Vernik
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Posted on
Jun 3, 2021
Updated on
Dec 27, 2021
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Sprint Retrospective tools allow teams to look back on past performance to improve future performance, working like white boards and features templates of all types to help teams analyze their performance and stay organized. GoRetro is a free sprint retrospective solution with premium features. ScatterSpoke, on the other hand, is paid but has integration with other platforms. Depending on your team, one of the two platforms will surely fulfill all your wants and needs. 

Sprint Retrospective Tools: The Cost

GoRetro allows you to have all its premium features for free. ScatterSpoke, on the other hand, has a 14-day free trial period. After that, you can choose between Starter, Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans. The Starter plan is $35 a month for 15 users. In this plan, you have access to ScatterSpoke’s solutions, unlimited history and teams, and you can export boards to use them offline. 

The Pro plan is $95 a month for 40 users. The plan includes features in the Starter plan as well as facilitator control, roll up analytics, and scaled program retrospectives. The Business plan is $225 a month for 100 users and features scaled portfolio retrospectives besides everything else that is in the Pro plan. Lastly, the Enterprise plan is for organizations that need more than 100 users and features single sign on. 

Sprint Retro Collaboration 

When it comes to boards, both platforms have retrospective formats and templates and fully customized boards. Furthermore, both platforms allow you to create color-coded cards and team members can vote when making decisions during meetings. GoRetro does take the feedback process a little bit further by having a mood index that allows your team to communicate how they are feeling about a project. ScatterSpoke lets you and your team create anonymous cards so your team will not be biased. Furthermore, the platform gathers all your data and you can look back to further analyze your team’s performance. 

When using GoRetro, you can assign roles to people in your team. The account admin can view and manage all boards and create and manage teams, the team admin can view and manage teams and boards that he or she is a part of, and the team member can only view and create boards in the team he or she is in. ScatterSpoke only has the role of a team member who has access to the boards of teams he or she is in, and the facilitator role. The facilitator is the person that creates the retrospective, he or she can control the visibility of votes and cards so that voters will not be biased. Furthermore, the facilitator can give other team members facilitator controls when managing large teams. 

Retrospective Integration & Exporting

When it comes to integration with other platforms, GoRetro does not have any. However, ScatterSpoke fully integrates with Slack for you to easily be able to communicate with your team through the platform. The Trello and Jira integrations allow you to easily add action items to the platforms.  

GoRetro and ScatterSpoke allow you to export your retrospectives if you need to keep them as a backup or take them to an offline meeting. GoRetro’s boards can be exported as PDF, Excel, or Clipboard files, while ScatterSpoke’s retrospectives can be exported as PDF and Excel files, as well as shared via email. 

Overall, GoRetro and ScatterSpoke have similar features. If your team uses Slack, Trello, or Jira a lot, ScatterSpoke is the better option for you. GoRetro has a lot of the premium features that ScatterSpoke has, and it is completely free. It all truly depends on what your team really needs in a retrospective tool.

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