GoRetro vs. TeamRetro - Quick Sprint Retrospective Comparison

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May 20, 2021
Updated on
Dec 27, 2021
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Sprint Retrospective tools allow teams and organizations to learn and think through past performance to improve future performance. These tools function like a white board where you can include team members thoughts and ideas, vote on them, and create goals for future projects. Furthermore, these tools are very helpful to perform remote meetings. GoRetro and TeamRetro are both sprint retrospective platforms with similar features, but TeamRetro takes its features a bit further. 

Sprint Retrospective Tool: Cost

GoRetro allows you and your team to use all its premium features for free. TeamRetro, on the other hand, has subscription plans depending on how many teams your organization has. The single team plan is $25 a month. In this plan, you can have 25 members in your team and unlimited boards. If you have more than one team in your organization, there are the small org and the large org plans. The first is $60 a month, allowing you to have three teams with an unlimited number of members as well as unlimited boards. The large org plan is $90 a month for six teams and unlimited boards. If your organization has more than six teams, you can pay an additional $15 a month for more teams. TeamRetro also offers enterprise plans for organizations with more than 15 teams, all you have to do is contact them to learn about special pricing. 

Sprint Retro Collaboration

TeamRetro allows you to keep the entire team focused on a specific comment by using presentation mode. Additionally, you can easily invite team members to be a part of your meeting. The retrospective platform has a brainstorming process that is intuitive and easy to navigate. In this process, the team will share ideas and you can also color code cards to make it easier to visualize. The second step is when the admin will group or ungroup ideas to make it all simpler and prepare for the next step, which is voting. 

Once the team members have voted on their ideas, everyone discusses these ideas to set future goals. Now it is time to review the retrospective and talk through your goals. Lastly, all of your retrospective will be summarized for you and your goals will be highlighted so you and your team can easily find them. You will also be able to include deadlines, comments, add goals, and tick off any goals that have already been completed. 

GoRetro also allows team members to create cards, but it all depends on the role that the member has. The account admin can view and manage all boards as well as create and manage teams. The team admin can view and manage teams and boards that he or she is an admin of. Lastly, the team member can only view and create boards in the teams she or he is a part of. Similar to TeamRetro, GoRetro allows you to create cards, vote on them, and features a mood index as well

Retrospective Meeting Customization 

Both platforms have a variety of sprint retrospective formats and templates and allow you to fully customize boards to perfectly fit your team’s needs and wants. However, one unique thing about TeamRetro is that it has a health check feature that allows you to understand how your team is doing physically and mentally, especially during these trying times. Both platforms also have a mood check feature where you can see how your team is feeling about specific projects. 

Agile Retro Accessibility & Integration

GoRetro and TeamRetro can be accessed via any internet browser. While GoRetro does not integrate with any other platforms, TeamRetro integrates with Asana, Azure DevOps, Confluence Cloud and Server, GitHub, Jira Cloud and Server, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Trello.  

Overall, both platforms have a lot of the same features. TeamRetro, takes those premium features a bit further with the integrations and unique health check features. It really depends on what your team needs, if you only really need a platform like GoRetro, which has a lot of features at no additional cost, having a couple more features and having to pay for them, might not be the option for you. 

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